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Westcott Scissors make Gift wrapping easy #shopletreviews

The one part I hate about Christmas is all the gift wrapping. I’m horrible at wrapping gifts! Well, not horrible; but it is so tedious and takes so long cutting all the paper to the right size. So when I can find something that makes gift wrapping easier I’m thrilled and I just have to share it! Westcott scissors has created something innovative and absolutely brilliant this year that will really make gift wrapping easy!

Westcott helps make gift wrapping easy

The part of gift wrapping that always takes the longest for me is the actual cutting of the wrapping paper. First you have to cut off a strip from the roll and then make sure it is the right size. I spend more time cutting the stupid paper than it does for me to actually wrap and tape the paper around the present.

The way to speed this process up is to have quality scissors on hand to get a quick, concise cut the first time. This way you don’t end up with ragged edges or ripped paper. There are three different types of scissors you can use that really help make cutting the wrapping paper for gift wrapping go smoother.

Westcott Scissors make Gift wrapping easy

1. Westcott Titanium Bonded 8″ Non-stick straight scissors. These scissors are sold in a set of two and retail for $13.14. For two pairs of scissors that is a great price. These scissors are made with  titanium blades with a unique non-stick coating that is permanently bonded to the blades, delivering improved cutting performance.

Even better is that they are universal for both right and left hand; and feature a very soft grip. No more getting sore hands from cutting with scissors!

So I put these scissors to the test. Do they really not stick to tape? I mean really; that would be a big time saver when gift wrapping! So I snipped some heavy duty packaging tape to see how it could resist even strong tape. Oh it performed perfectly! The tape came apart and then just fell to the table. No sticking to these scissors! I had to try it again and again to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. After about the 5th time, the tape actually stayed on the scissors but came off very easily. And there was zero sticky residue left behind on the scissors. They feel just as clean and smooth as when I first pulled them out of the package.

Westcott Scissors make Gift wrapping easy

And best of all, they have a lifetime warranty! Definitely worth that price tag! And they really are heavy duty! I got a package today that I couldn’t get open. One of those crazy boxes that seal completely shut with its own glue closure. Only it didn’t have a way to reopen. So I had to take scissors to it. This worked like a charm and cut right through the cardboard with ease. And were still crisp and sharp afterwards.

2. Westcott Kids Scissors with Microban Protection. Part of getting the gift wrapping done faster is including the family. My kids always have presents to give to each other or for the grandparents. So why not let them help! But there is no way I’m going to let them use my big scissor! The Westcott Kids scissors feature stainless steel blades which are strong and durable but not as sharp as the Titanium bonded scissors. They are the perfect size for smaller hands. They also feature unique handles infused with Microban antimicrobial product protection to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors.

Westcott Scissors make Gift wrapping easy

These are perfect for both home and school use! By preventing bacteria to grow on the scissors you don’t have to worry about multiple kids using them. They also get the job done with the first cut and create a very smooth cut on the paper. No jagged lines and no ripping of the paper. They also feature a blunt tip, which is always a great idea when mixing kids and scissors!

3. Westcott Scissors Mouse. Now this one is a brand new idea for me. And I have to say it is by far my absolute favorite! This revolutionary device acts like rolling scissors. It easily glides across the paper cutting a crisp and smooth edge in a fraction of the time it takes with regular scissors! And its ergonomic design won’t harm surfaces.

Westcott Scissors make Gift wrapping easy

It’s great for cutting paper, coupons and craft projects on flat surfaces with speed and precision safely. It even lets you cut straight lines and curves just with a turn of your wrist! It feels just like holding a mouse and you easily direct it where you want to cut.

Using the Westcott scissors mouse I was able to have enough wrapping paper cut to size for three presents in less than 2 minutes! Talk about speeding up the gift wrapping process!

Westcott Scissors make Gift wrapping easy

There was a little confusion as to exactly how to use it when I first opened the package. I always look for the directions on the back of the package. But on this one they were a very small box on the clear part of the package so it took me a little bit to figure out how to use these. But once I knew how; I was really cruising through cutting. It is definitely my new favorite pair of scissors and one I will use frequently when it comes to gift wrapping, crafts, coupon clipping and lots more!

Let Westcott help your gift wrapping this season

When you have the proper tools at your disposal; any job can be done faster and with more efficiency! Try out the Westcott brand for your scissor needs this Holiday season. You may fall in love with how much time you can save simply by using a quality pair of scissors for all your gift wrapping needs. Westcott scissors can be found on the Shoplet office supplies website.

Westcott Scissors make Gift wrapping easy

 Which pair of Westcott scissors would you most like to try out for your gift wrapping this year?


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  1. What a great collection of scissors! A good pair of scissors always makes me happy. I’ll have to check these out.

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  10. Funny – I just mentioned last night while wrapping gifts that I need a good pair of scissors for mine are horrible! I am going to check these out now. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I need a good pair of scissors. I will have to check these out!


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