Water Oven cooking with the Aquachef sous vide; Healthy cooking made easy

New Years always bring  our awareness to our health. we create new goals to achieving a healthier living and choosing healthier meals. One of the best ways to improve our meals is by cooking naturally. A water oven is one of the best ways to cook healthier meals.  A sous vide water oven allows your food to keep it’s rich flavor and keeps your meat from drying out. Not to mention the Aquachef water oven is really easy to use and offers very little clean up!

Water Oven cooking with the Aquachef sous vide; Healthy cooking made easy

Introducing the Aquachef sous vide water oven

Aquachef is a new sous vide water oven that makes creating healthy and flavor full meals easy! It uses the science of the sous vide cooking to ensure that your food stays moist. It cooks the food from the inside out, which helps prevent your food from over drying. It also cooks inside the food’s own juices, ensuring a richness of flavor. And all without the need of oil or butter.

Water Oven cooking with the Aquachef sous vide; Healthy cooking made easy


The Aquachef is a revolutionary kitchen appliance that’s the easy and foolproof way to cook! The secret of the AquaChef is that air never touches your food. By sealing your food air-tight, your food retains 100% of the moisture, flavor, and nutrients. Your food cooks in its own natural juices, evenly at a precise temperature all the way through. Meaning from edge to edge your food will cook perfectly. And best of all, your food will never burn, or overcook.

Water Oven cooking with the Aquachef sous vide; Healthy cooking made easy

The Aquachef comes with the water oven unit, a hand held vacuum sealer with reusable seal n’ fresh vacuum seal bags, manual, cookbook, and a 30 day money back guarantee.

How to cook with the Aquachef sous vide water oven

Cooking with the Aquachef water oven is super easy! I think that is one of the best parts is just how easy it makes cooking. You can cook an entire meal in just a few simple steps! To begin you will need to preheat the Aquachef water oven. The temperature will depend on the type of meat you want to cook. Basically you will be heating it to the temperature that the food needs to reach internally to be safe to eat. The cookbook as well as the USDA website can give a reference as to which temperature each food needs to reach for safe consumption.

Water Oven cooking with the Aquachef sous vide; Healthy cooking made easy


Simply place seasoned meat cuts into the vacuum bag. Seal the bag. Use the hand held vacuum to suck the air from the bag. Place into the pre-heated Aquachef water oven. Submerge into the water and cover with the lid. Then check the timer and make sure it is set to cook for the appropriate time. And then you can walk away and forget about it until it is time to eat! The Aquachef will never over  cook the food and won’t let the food get to a higher temperature than what you have set it to reach.

The result is some of the most amazingly juicy chicken breasts I’ve ever had! Honestly, I have never been able to cook my chicken breasts to be this juice before! It was tender, and didn’t need a knife to eat. And the flavor was amazing. Since the chicken breasts cooked in the juices, it kept the flavor of Chicken and the herbs instead of taking on the flavor of oil, or losing the flavor to being cooked out. And it just amazes me at just how easy it was to use!

Water Oven cooking with the Aquachef sous vide; Healthy cooking made easy

The only downside is that you definitely need to plan ahead. Since the food needs to cook for a minimum of 1-2 hours depending on the food; then you need to plan ahead so you can get the food into the oven early enough that the food is ready in time for dinner. It’s not one that you can wait until 20 minutes before dinner and have it ready in time. But with a little planning ahead; you can easily get dinner set up ahead of time and not worry about it again.

I have found the Aquachef Water oven has made dinner preparation a lot easier. I no longer have to worry about having a daughter hanging on my leg begging for mommy’s attention while I’m cooking dinner.  I just put the food into the Aquachef and walk away and spend time with my kids while the water oven does all the work. It has been amazing! And everyone loves the food that has come from the water oven.

When I fed the chicken breast to the Husband his very first comment was, “Wow, it is so moist!”. Oh yes it was! You can even  use frozen meat cuts. No need to worry about unthawing them. Simply add the appropriate time to the cooking and  it will turn out perfect!

Discover more about the Aquachef water oven

Water Oven cooking with the Aquachef sous vide; Healthy cooking made easy

The Aquachef is available from Kitchen Advance and retails for $159.80. But you can try it for only $39.95 for RISK FREE for 30 days, then it’s just 3 payments of $39.95 with an unconditional money back guarantee!

You can learn more about the Aquachef water oven on their Facebook page as well.

Also be sure to visit our Lucky ’13 Aquachef Water oven Giveaway from 12/29/12  until 1/12/13  to win your own Aquachef!  The giveaway will be open to US and Canada residents! And a quick hint; the first entry is to comment on this post, so be sure to leave a comment before heading over there so you don’t have to return. (Saying, “thanks for the giveaway is not a valid comment entry for the giveaway)

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    I too, had never heard of this way of cooking. Sounds like a pressure cooker style that is faster and safer to use.

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    The face that it doesn’t lose nutrients or require thawing is also a huge plus.
    I will no longer have to worry if I forget to lay out something for dinner.


  24. My resolution this year is to help my husband lose the extra weight he has put on and to help him stop smoking. This water oven would be absolutely wonderful to have as it would help me to cook healthier for him, myself and our family. I love the concept and would really love to win this oven as having a healthy cooking method like this would definately help in my helping him lose the extra weight. Thank you.

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  122. I like that this would not overcook the food I am preparing, since I tend to burn meat when I am cooking for my family.

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  130. michelle gilliland mcafee

    I have never heard of a water oven, but this sounds awesome. I like that the air never touches the food so it doesn’t dry out. And I love that it has the vacuum sealer. This is awesome. I think I may have to see about getting one of these.

  131. I have seen this used on Iron Chef It is Awesome I can’t believe I have the opportunity to try and win one! I have tasted food cooked like this at a restaurant in my town & the food was Delicious!

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    This is awesome! I do a lot of baking and the house gets really hot. This would be a wonderful solution to that problem and save me money on my electric bill! =D

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  137. I haven never seen a product like this. Thanks so much for the review.

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  140. I love the fact that you aren’t cooking with oils. One of our goals is to eat healthier. This would be a perfect way to do that!

  141. I have never heard of this, but this is so cool. We will be trying to eat healthier this year and this sounds like a perfect way to do it. I would love to try salmon and chicken in this. Thank you for the great review!

  142. cooks inside the food’s own juices, ensuring a richness of flavor….love this….cant wait to try it!!

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  149. Meagan P - Sunshine and Sippy Cups

    I’ve never even heard of something like this?? It sounds really cool though – I’m such a sucker for awesome kitchen gadgets :)

  150. This is awesome! I didn’t know there was a version available to the home chef. I’ve seen water ovens used on cooking shows like Iron Chef and thought it was really cool.

  151. That is so neat. I definitely need one of these!

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  156. This is new to me too. But we are trying to eat healthier so I would love to try it too. I teach so mo “unthawing’ would be wonderful!

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  158. I love that this doesn’t dry out the meat! I seems like no matter what I do, my meat is always dry.

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    THis looks like a great way to cook chicken without drying it out. I’d love to try it.

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