How to Fondue with Velata Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate pot.

I love chocolate! What woman doesn’t right? What I love even more than chocolate is dipping things into chocolate! With the double boiler method it takes a lot of time to melt the chocolate and then you have to deal with a lot of steam and possible burning yourself with the hot steam, water or hot pans. With the microwave method, sure the chocolate is warm right away, but after a few minutes it quickly hardens and you have to reheat it. Have you seen chocolate that’s been reheated too many times? It’s not so great. What I really needed was a chocolate fondue set complete with warming pot! I found one I instantly fell in love with from Velata!

Velata chocolate Fondue and Chocolate pot adds class and fun to chocolate dipping!

For those that have never heard of Velata, you have probably heard of their sister company, Scentsy. Yep, the same company, just difference division. Velata works just like Scentsy, where you can have home parties, or shop online from your own Velata consultant. Or you can create your own work at home business with Velata. It’s all quite simple.

Where Scentsy is solely about fragrances and fragrance warmers; Velata is all about the chocolate fondue and fondue warmers! They bring style and fun to a chocolate fondue party! Don’t you already know a few friends who’d love to come to a chocolate fondue party? Now that’s a party I’d love to attend!

Velata Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate pot

Velata has a variety of different colors and come in three different styles and each fondue warmer retails for $40.00.

Velata also carries a variety of premium Belgian chocolate in Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Caramel Milk Chocolate flavors and retail for $7.00 per package.

How to Fondue with Velata Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate warmer pot.

Velata Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate pot

Velata fondue warmers are really easy to use! They come nicely packaged just like the Scentsy warmers, and are complete with light bulb, base, warmer pot and four fondue forks.

Velata Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate pot

Velata Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate pot

Warming the chocolate is simple. You can follow the directions on the chocolate bags by warming for one minute in the microwave and then pouring into the warmer pot to keep warm. Or you can turn on the warmer, cut the top off the bag and dump the chocolate pieces into the warmer and wait for it to melt. Doing it the latter way will take approximately 30 minute to warm and melt the chocolate, but it will also ensure that you get all the chocolate from the bag.

Velata Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate pot

Once you have your chocolate melted you are ready to begin dipping all kinds of food into your chocolate! We dipped apples, banana slices, strawberries, cinnamon bears, Ritz bits peanut butter sandwich crackers, and even our favorite European cookies Biscoff and Leibniz crackers!

Velata Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate pot

These are found in many different grocery stores in the gourmet cracker section. They are absolutely amazing dipped in the Velata Dark chocolate!

It’s really easy to dip your food into the chocolate. Just cut them to bite size pieces, stick on the dipping fork and then dip into the chocolate. For sanitary reasons, it’s advised to not eat the food off the fork you are dipping into the chocolate sauce, but really it’s up to your preference if you don’t mind sharing germs.

Velata Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate pot

Velata Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate pot

Have I made you hungry for chocolate dipped goodies yet? Oh, I’m not even close to done! Like I told you, we did a lot of dipping, trying different treats dipped into the chocolate. See our small collection, well what I was able to gather before the kids ate it all.

Velata Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate pot

Velata Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate pot

We got to try out the Dark chocolate and the Caramel milk chocolate fondue flavors. Oh my, they were delicious! The dark chocolate is very much true to traditional Belgian Dark chocolate that we had when we lived in Germany! Oh my, how I have missed that flavor!

Velata Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate pot

Purely due to my laziness, and not wanting to wash the warmer between flavors, we even ended up with a mixture of the caramel milk chocolate and dark chocolate in some of the dipped foods. I have to say, even though done unintentionally and due to my laziness, it was my best lazy moment ever! Out of everything we dipped my favorite was the Strawberries dipped in the mixture of the two chocolates!

I’m also happy to announce, I’m not the only one who was loving this night of dipping chocolate goodies! I had little one’s hovering over me the entire time I was dipping!

Velata Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate pot

Even little Jade found a chair and pushed it around to the other side of the kitchen counter so that she could reach the goodies, even when I told her, “not yet.” She’s a sneaking one and got some chocolate dipped bananas anyway.

Velata Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate pot

The chocolate dipped bananas were her favorite. J. loved the strawberries in the mixture of dark and caramel chocolates the most.  T. loved the the strawberries in the caramel chocolate the most. I guess that means next time we will be having a lot of dipped strawberries and bananas!

Velata Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate pot

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking this little girl definitely was loving this chocolate dipping night!

Get your own Velata Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate pot!

I love that the Velata Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate warming pots are so easy to set up and use! And even better is the flavor! Velata is definitely a great party option, whether you own your own or you host a velata party with a consultant, it is sure to be a hit! They also make great family night activities as kids and adults all love them!

Be sure to visit my favorite Velata consultant, Renae; to see all the great Velata chocolate Fondue sets online!

Also be sure to follow Renae’s Velata Independent Consultant Facebook page, where you can stay up to date on Velata, Scentsy and Grace Adele (another Scentsy sister company) products, sales and giveaways!

Velata Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate pot

Do I have you wanting some chocolate Dipped goodies yet? How would you love to win your very own Velata Chocolate Warmer and Velata chocolate to go with it? Be sure to visit our Gifts for Girlfriends Velata Chocolate Fondue Giveaway blog hop to enter to win! The Giveaway runs 9/20/2012-9/27/2012, so visit and enter to win!

What if your favorite food to dip in Chocolate fondue? 

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free to facilitate this review in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.. All opinions are strictly my own and were not influenced.

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    Or . . . maybe I could just bring it over a few times and keep it for myself;)

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  31. What a neat idea! I’ve made my own fondue in the past,but this seems so easy to do!

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  36. Looks like you’re missing some rice krispie treats up there for the dipping. I’d love to have one of these set up for my family get togethers. I’d definitely have to try the dark chocolate with white chocolate swirled in, like the above photos. Yummy, that looks so delicious!

  37. Wow! Looks delicious! My family loves chocolate covered strawberries and this would be such a great way to have them. My son went to the Melting Pot with his wife once and was telling us all about the fondue. I can’t wait to try all the different flavor fondue and items to dip combinations.

  38. This sounds like it might the icing on the cake for a romantic dinner. And it doesn’t sound like it would take that much to prepare countless varieties of deserts

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    I love dipping grilled pineapple chunks and grilled mango slices in chocolate!

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    • OH you are right Georgette! Cake would be amazing here! That’s a great idea….hmmm.
      I also think pretzels, marshmallows, cookies, candies, all kinds of goodies. Basically everything is better with chocolate! lol.

  45. I could almost taste the warm smooth chocolate! I never thought about dipping food in chocolate. It never really appealed to me. But after reading this it sounds and looks good. And it’s so easy to do! That’s the best part! I bet she did enjoy the bananas!!! I think I would!

  46. You had me at Chocolate. I think I need to start my Christmas shopping. I would have to try the dark chocolate first with fresh pineapple and maybe thrown in some cherries. The gift certificates are a great idea to give when you really don’t know what color to choose.

  47. Chocolate is my one weaknesses, I once had dinner at a place that had a chocolate fountain it was delicious. I especially love fruit dipped, it feels healthier even if it is not. Dark chocolate is also supposed to be good for you so I guess if you dip fruit in dark chocolate you get the best of both worlds.

  48. I have never owned a fondue maker. This looks so fun and my kids would do exactly what yours did. Awesome.

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  50. Eileen Charbonneau

    Love chocolate, love fresh fruit, marshmallows, love fondues pots, put them all together and what do you get??? Liquid gold~~~ chocolate fondues and fresh fruit and the ideas are endless, fruit, marshmallows, cookies, candy carmels, all covered in melted chocolate, milk, dark, nutty chocolate!! Yummy for sure!!!

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  57. This would be really fun to do with the family one night as a special treat.

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