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Star Wars Death Star Planetarium from Uncle Milton #Holidaygiftguide

What boys doesn’t love Star Wars right? In search of the perfect gift for J, my almost 9 year old; I was looking for something that would incorporate two of his favorite things; Star Wars and Science. And what I found was Uncle Milton’s Star Wars Death Star planetarium. It’s the perfect gift for a science fan this Holiday season!

Uncle Milton’s Star Wars Death Star Planetarium

Star Wars Death Star Planetarium from Uncle Milton

I knew to look at Uncle Milton for more fun science ideas for J; because last Christmas we bought both of our boys the Remote-controlled Lightsaber Room light! They both love them; still a year later and they have worked great! So I knew Uncle Milton probably had another brilliant novelty toy up its sleeve that would greatly please J.

And I was right! Uncle Milton actually has quite a few Star Wars Science toys that any fan would love! The Star Wars Death Star Planetarium really caught my eye because J loves the concept of the planets and solar system of the Star Wars galaxy. And the Star Wars Death Star Planetarium incorporates both the stars of the Star Wars galaxy and our very own Milky Way Galaxy for twice the fun!

Star Wars Death Star Planetarium from Uncle Milton

The kit includes:

  • Planetarium stand
  • Death Star shaped base and lid
  • 2 small light bulbs
  • Star Wars Galaxy map
  • Earth’s Sky Layover
  • Educational Manual/Instructions

Star Wars Death Star Planetarium from Uncle Milton

Using the Star Wars Death Star Planetarium

The assembly of the Star Wars Death Star Planetarium was quite simple. Simply insert the little light bulb into the base, screw the Star Wars galaxy map (clear top) into place, add 3 AA batteries (not included) and you are ready to go!

The light bulb is definitely very tiny and I almost missed it in the packaging. It is really quite amazing just how much light such a small light bulb can put out. But it really is plenty to get this planetarium working.

Star Wars Death Star Planetarium from Uncle Milton

Now I need to warn you, if you are looking for a high quality; professional level planetarium which you can place in the center of a room and have it fill the walls and ceiling with planet maps; you will be disappointed. This is not one of those planetariums. If you are looking for a great novelty toy for a child who loves both science and Star Wars; this is your ticket!

The design of the Star Wars Death Star Planetarium is such that it won’t work well in a large room. I had to hold it straight at the wall directly to get a good view of all the planets and for the writing to be clear enough to read. But it was still usable and something J. will love! He won’t mind one bit holding it and rotating it around on the wall to get a great view of each planet. Or you could get a ladder and place it on the top step right near the ceiling to get it to expand well in a larger room.   But I am thinking; J will probably be spending a lot of time in the bathroom (which does not have windows) with the lights off to have it span across the smaller room.

Star Wars Death Star Planetarium from Uncle Milton

To view the Earth’s night sky, simply place the black layover on top of the Star Wars Death Star Planetarium and you are then looking at a complete map of the Earth’s sky! I do however wish each constellation in the Earth’s Night sky was labeled so it would make it easy for us to learn the constellations in our own sky. But with the way the layover works,  it would not be feasible as the words would then cut out additional stars in the Earth’s Night sky.

Star Wars Death Star Planetarium from Uncle Milton

But overall, the Star Wars Death Star Planetarium is a great gift idea for any child who has an obsession fascination with Star Wars and also enjoys science.  Plus it is the perfect addition to J’s new Desk in his room to show off more of his personality and interests.

Star Wars Death Star Planetarium from Uncle Milton

It may not be professional standard, but really it provides quite a bit of entertainment for only $29.99.  It will be enough to really entertain the kids and possibly even spark more excitement for a high grade planetarium in the future once you know they really are serious about astrology. Better try it out now with this model before you spend hundreds on an expensive professional grade planetarium and discover they really aren’t that interested.

Discover the Star Wars Death Star Planetarium

You can learn more about the Star Wars Death Star Planetarium and many other novelty kids toys for great gift ideas this season by visiting Uncle Milton online.  Also be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to see holiday specials, new products and much more! You can also purchase your own Star Wars Death Star Planetarium from their website or from Amazon.

Who do you know that would love a Star Wars Death Star Planetarium?




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  1. my little star wars fan would never leave his room! Bet we would have to get blackout curtains too!

  2. That’s really neat. My son would love that!

  3. My hubby has the lightsaber science thing, but not this. Definitely going to add it to his Christmas list.

  4. My boyfriend would LOVE this! Not to mention my children, lol!

  5. My friend’s husband is total Star Wars geek – he would love this!

  6. Um – what GIRL doesn’t love Star Wars either!??! Love these gift ideas! :)

  7. I had not seen this before yet it is AWESOME! Love the panet element soo much! My boys already have the stars and planets on their ceiling but I have knocked a couple down so I think this is a great replacement with Star Wars toy for my lil one, 2 birds with one stone I say! Thanks!

  8. that is really neat looking! My son loves star wars and anything that inspires a love of science is good with me!

  9. How cool! This is a great gift idea for any Star Wars fan. Looks educational too!

  10. Wow! That is really cool! I had no idea they made such a thing!


  11. maria @ close tohome

    wow myboys would go crazy over this. I have never seen it before either. Going to check it out now.

  12. My son would go nuts over this toy! I had never seen this. Thanks so much for sharing!

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