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If you have any kids, you know how important it is to have a reliable thermometer handy. You want one that will give accurate results. But also if you have kids you know how hard it can sometimes be to get a temperature taken with the traditional thermometers. What if you could get an accurate temperature taken without having to insert a thermometer into unmentionable locations or struggle holding your child down to try to swipe it across the forehead or even insert in the ear or mouth?


The RediScan No Touch Thermometer is a great way to take a child's or even an adult's forehead temperature without any contact! It can also be used to take temperatures of an object or surface such as baby bottles, food, bath water, room temperature and more! The RediScan is sold by Medical Support Products, which is an online sight that focuses on exquisite customer care with quality medical supplies for the professional medical field, professional offices and home care!

The RediScan offers:

  • No Touch Operation,
  • Professional Accuracy
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Fahrenheit\Celsius switchable
  • Peak temperature tone
  • Memory recall of last 10 readings
  • Fever Alarm at 100.4 degrees fahrenheit
  • Nite-Glo Display
  • 5 year limited warranty

The RediScan thermometer was shipped very quickly from Medical Support products, and arrived within a week! It comes in a very sturdy and yes, those impossibly difficult plastic packaging that drives you nuts opening. But I have to say, other than that, this product is AMAZING!



It comes with the thermometer, 2 AAA batteries, the Manual, a quick start instruction card, Warranty card/information and a thick pouch to carry it all in.


And best of all, it all really does fit inside the pouch, so you never have to worry about losing parts or the instruction manual! It all slides in and you can keep it all in one handy location.


The instructions are very simple to understand and follow. It describes how to tell the proper distance to hold the thermometer away from the head to acquire an accurate reading, how long to hold down the button and what the displays mean.


What I loved about this thermometer is that I didn't have to guess at all if I had the right distance from the forehead! How do you know? It will beep to let you know that it is the correct distance away. And then you slowly move it across the forehead until it continuously beeps and the LED light flashes.


Once you have a reading, if it is a healthy temperature it will also feature a fun Smile Face in the bottom corner. If a fever is present it will have a sad face.  You can also change the settings from a body temperature to a surface temperature with only a push of a button and the "man" figure in the top will change to a "box" icon. And it is quite simple to change back. The Surface temperature lets you record the temperature of babies bottle, food, bath water and room temperature! Talk about multi-tasking! Now you can easily ensure all areas are a safe temperature for your baby!

It also has a very handy Night glow feature which comes in quite handy for those middle of the night temperature checks when your little one is sick. The screen glows a soft blue and allows you to read the temperature without having to turn on any harsh bright lights in the night.This makes it very easy to sneak into your child's room while they are sleeping to check on their fever, all without waking them up! Because we all know how important it is that our little ones get as much sleep as they can when they are sick.

So how does it compare to other thermometers? Thankfully no one in our family has been sick with a fever for me to test it out on, so I had to compare it to the other thermometers with a healthy child. I compared it to a traditional  in the ear professional grade thermometer, another "no touch" brand thermometer and even compared it to the thermometer we have that is the same forehead scanner brand and model that they used in the Military Emergency rooms. Now first I should say that the ear thermometer and the other "no touch" thermometer have never been completey accurate. They give more of an approximate temperature. In other words, if you were to take 3 temperatures in a row, each one would be slightly different. With the RediScan Thermometer it gave me the same temperature each time! So already it had the other two beat out! But what about the forehead scanning thermometer that the Military hospitals use? The forehead scanning touch thermometer has always been quite accurate. It gives us the same temperature that the doctors get in the office almost every time! So this is the real test. And to my complete joy, it came in with the same readings each time!

So if I already have an accurate thermometer, why do I want this RediScan thermometer? Because it is no touch! My daughter fights me tooth and nail to get a temperature reading with the accurate thermometer while she is healthy,  and it only gets worse when she is sick! Now I can get an accurate reading without it bothering her one bit!


Now I'm by no means saying you should rely on this thermometer more than taking your child to the doctor when they are sick. I'm merely saying that it has been giving us accurate readings each time which allows us the ability to make more educated decisions concerning a quick trip to the ER in the middle of the night or if the fever is mild enough that we can stay home and self medicate until the Doctor's office opens in the morning.

Overall this thermometer has been amazing! I didn't like how difficult it was to open the package, and the first time opening the battery compartment was a bit difficult, but those were the only problems we have ran into while using the RediScan no touch thermometer! My favorite feature is that it is an accurate NO TOUCH thermometer; which makes getting a temperature reading quick and painless for both my child and myself!

I've been quite impressed with the quality of the RediScan no touch thermometer, as well as the customer service of Medical Support Products! When we find ourselves in need of more medical products in the future, they will definitely be one of our first stops! Not to mention that the RediScan has a FIVE YEAR warranty! I don't know many other thermometers that claim that!

You can purchase your own RediScan Thermometer at Medical Support Products for $69.00; which is rather standard for the professional level thermometers.

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What is your favorite feature about the RediScan No Touch Thermometer?




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    1. wow…my 11 month old fights me even with the touch thermometer. i will definitely have to look into this!

    2. No Touch Operation,

    3. I also am impressed with the warranty. I am on my second $60 dollar ear thermometer and now that one is also broken so this warranty would be great for my house hold.

    4. I love that it comes with a pouch and it has 10 reading recall! I also love that it has a fever alarm! This is a great product, better than the temporal artery one!!

    5. I really like that you can use it for both body and surface temperature. It's very versatile! And I like that it beeps to let you know you're at the correct distance.

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