Play Webkinz Friends Anywhere with the New iPad App!

Remember  when I first introduced Webkinz plush toys to you? My kids are still crazy about them weeks later! My boys never sleep without their Webkinz plush toys! And they still love playing Webkinz world online. But what about those who don't have a Webkinz plush toy, nor are able to play all on the computer all the time? Our family computer is hooked up to the TV, so my kids don't have a lot of time where they can play on the computer. Well the great news, there is now an App for it! That's right! It's called Webkinz Friends and it's a new iPad app that lets you play a simplified version of Webkinz world on the iPad! 

Webkinz Friends iPad App gameplay.

Play Webkinz Friends Anywhere with the New iPad App

Webkinz friends is a new app that can be downloaded from the apple app store. It only takes a few minutes to set up and then you are ready to play! It is very similar to the Facebook Webkinz friends game; but with the luxury that your child doesn't need a Facebook account to play! I love that my kids can now play Webkinz friends outside of Facebook; as I don't think they are quite old enough to handle all that Facebook would expose to them. So this is a much safer route to go. 

Webkinz Pets can be registered in both Webkinz Friends and Webkinz World, but you do not need a plush toy pet code to play Webkinz Friends! So really, anyone can download the app and play, all for free! 

As you begin, you are able to start placing buildings around your little town. Basically you build a town for your pets to live in. The better the businesses, houses, and entertainment value you offer your pets; the happier they are. When they are happier, things produce better and you get better rewards. It's very similar to the Sims type game; but designed more for kids. 

A lot of the game is based on time. You build a building and then you wait a designated time until you can harvest from it. The same with crops and most everything else you plant or build. But once the time is up and you can harvest, the buildings will have fun markers over the tops showing that they are ready for reaping. 

Play Webkinz Friends Anywhere with the New iPad App

You are also given quests to complete, which can be tracked by the icons on the far left side of the screen. These help you progress through the different levels and help make your town better. You also have animal guides that pop up from time to time giving you new quests and reminding you on current quests you are on. 

Play Webkinz Friends Anywhere with the New iPad App

But part of the fun is decorating the town and planting crops, not just completing quests. All of these can be accomplished by visiting the Kinzmart! It has items for planting crops, building businesses, decorating your town and much more! 

Play Webkinz Friends Anywhere with the New iPad App

Play Webkinz Friends Anywhere with the New iPad App

My kids loved decorating the rooms and the town the most. But we have to do the regular tasks and quests to earn money so we can keep buying stuff from the Kinzmart to decorate the inside of our pet's house. At least they are realizing funds aren't unlimited and that they have to earn them in game. Hopefully that will transfer to outside the game when they realize "oh, there is a limit to money!" 

One drawback I found, however; is that quite frequently I was halted in play. I got to a point where I had buildings that needed resources. But because of my low pet population I could not plant enough products to get the needed resources. 

Play Webkinz Friends Anywhere with the New iPad App

I also couldn't complete many of the quests because again I was limited by the time frame of the game. Now after level five I can log in; and take about 5 minutes to do some collecting of buildings and maybe be able to plant one or two more crops and then I'm stuck again and have to wait. I can't expand, I can't plant more; I'm just stuck. It starts to loose it's appeal after a little bit. I would love to be able to have the option to play more and for longer without such a limit with the timed options or the limiting the amount of crops you can plant to only five; when the buildings need 10-25 in order to produce. 

But even still; Webkinz Friends offers a lot of fun things that kids can do; or kids can watch YOU do while you play. 

Webkinz Friends allows for families to play together. 

My kids love watching me play Webkinz friends. They give me pointers on what to plant where and how to decorate things. They really love the touch screen feature of playing on the iPad. It makes it easier for them to navigate the game. The one drawback I saw was that it took a lot longer to load and transition from one task to the next. I don't know if that was from the game itself or from our internet connection. I'm just not sure. 

But that's not the only way you can play together as a family; or with friends. You each can have a game and become friends with each other. Then each day you can visit each other's Webkinz Friends town and "help out" with simple tasks. This rewards you and rewards your friends.  It's just like those popular Facebook games! 

Play Webkinz Friends Anywhere with the New iPad App

Don't have anyone to play with in game? No problem. They automatically give you one friend who has a metropolitan type town already set up for you to visit and help out!

Webkinz friends has been fun for my kids; and a great back up for when the kids can't get to Webkinz world. They are still allowed a lot of the same fun but on a portable iPad device. Or when one child is playing Webkinz World on the computer; the other can play Webkinz Friends on the iPad! It's WIN-WIN! 

How will you decorate your Webkinz Friends town? 

Do you have a little one that would love to play Webkinz Friends on the iPad?

How can Webkinz Friends help you and your family play time? 


I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Webkinz. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.

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