Packing Tips with Packaways plastic storage boxes.

With all of our moves, packing, unpacking, boxing items for storage and all the joys of life, I've learned there are a few packing tips that have really come in handy over the years. One if which is to always have storage boxes around to pack up items as you no longer use them. This  helps keep the house more organized and when it comes time to actually pack, you aren't going through shelves and closets of items that haven't been used for years to box up, as they are already packed and ready to go.

But the problem is that many boxes are just too big to leave ready to use, you want to fold them down and store them until they are ready to be used again. But once they have been flattened many aren't as sturdy as they once were, or they can't be unfolded to be flat for storage in the first place. Others, once we have gotten them flat, they are then worn by dust, moisture and bugs and then the box is ruined and no good to use. All I want is to have reliable storage containers that can convert to a flat box when not in use but won't get ruined if stored for a long time. That's when I discovered Packaways

Packing tips, Packaways plastic storage boxes

Packing Tips, use Packaways plastic storage boxes.

What are Packaways? They are a brand new storage box that ships and stores in the flat position. When you need a storage box you simply press on opposing corners and the bottom "automatically" folds into place and locks. When not in use, simply press on the bottom and it becomes a flat box for easy, out of the way storage.

Packing Tips, Packaways plastic storage boxes

They weren't kidding when the Packaways website said it was easy to put these things together. I simply opened it up and the bottom literally lined right up. I just put a little pressure in the center to make sure the bottom had indeed snapped together and all was set and ready for use. 

Packing Tips, Packaways plastic storage boxes

But my favorite feature is not only are these boxes reusable, but they also stand up to harsh storage conditions! Moisture and humidity won't effect the integrity of the boxes. They will last hundreds of uses under normal circumstances. They have the same feel and texture as a regular cardboard box, but since it is plastic it will last much longer.

Packing Tips, Packaways plastic storage boxes

The packaways have many practical uses such as 

  • Moving;
  • Back To School organizing
  • Organizing The Kids' Rooms
  • Basement storage
  • Garage storage
  • Seasonal Items storage
  • Storing Crafts
  • Storing clothes kids have outgrown but you want to save for future children
  • Storing Linen to prevent rodents from getting into
  • Storing seasonal clothing
  • and much more!

Packing Tips, Packaways plastic storage boxes

The flat box also Comes with 2 Wipe Away Panels that allow you to conveniently identify the contents of the box. If you use China Dry Erase Markers, you can simply wipe away the previous contents and remark the box. 

Packing Tips, Packaways plastic storage boxes

They also come in multiple sizes and colors! You can pick and choose which size best suits your needs or you can get multiple sizes for many different projects! My lime green box will be housing all of the clothing Jade just outgrew and the Pink box is now housing a lot of my craft supplies that I don't use very often that just needed to be put out of the way. 

The boxes are made in the USA and they are ideal for  homes, apartments or living quarters where use is intermittent or space is tight. They come in classic box style, tote style and under bed sizes! Perfect for home storage or packing for a move! 

I love my Packaways. They are very easy to use, and i love that when they aren't in use I can fold them flat for easier storage. They stay out of the way and yet they don't wear out simply by being in storage or being exposed to weather. 

Additional Packing Tips

  • Always cycle through your clothing every 6 months and discard and get rid of anything you haven't worn or no longer fits. 
  • Cycle through the toys every 6 months and see what toys can be discarded or donated. If your kids aren't ready to get rid of a toy they haven't played with for many months, pack it up in storage and check in a few months if they miss it or would like it back. 
  • Use Newspaper, and household linens to wrap fragile items in before placing in boxes. 
  • Use smaller boxes for books. Books get heavy fast, don't try to over pack the book box. 
  • Give yourself plenty of time. Rushed packing means items aren't packed as securely. 
  • If you have a lot of time before your move, do little jobs each day, packing up items that aren't currently use and won't be used again before your move, such as seasonal items or books. 

Learn more Packing Tips from Packaways.

Packing Tips, Packaways plastic storage boxes

Packaways not only carry fantastic plastic reusuable storage boxes, but they also feature a great newsletter that offers strategies for storage and tips for packing. 

Be sure to follow Packaways on Facebook and visit Packaways online for more information and ideas of how you can better organize your life and be more prepared for your next move. 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. What great tips. Those boxes are so much fun! What a wonderful review as always!

  2. Ohhh! I’d love to try those boxes. What a great review, I’ll be heading over to their site in a few. Thanks!

  3. Oh I love this! These would be so easy to identify with their bright colors.

  4. These look great! We will be moving soon and I’ll have to keep these in mind. They could be very helpful!

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  6. I love my Packaways! They’re really holding up well despite being attacked by toddlers on a daily basis.

  7. I like the colors…and after moving so many times… I can see how the sturdy plastic would be so much better!!

  8. These look great! I so need to pack some things up and these would be perfect for storing the kids toys and books! Thanks for sharing!

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  11. I have these two. Love the lime color. Aren’t they great!!!

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  13. these boxes are amazing – I really love mine!

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  15. These are great! I can always use more organizational tools for the home!

  16. I moved several times when I was younger – these would have come in handy for that. I also think they would make great storage boxes for things like school work. :) Thanks for the review!


  17. These boxes would come in handy around here. I have old stuff from college and things from our son’s milestones that I do not want to get rid of, but they take up so much room in the closets. These would be nice to have!

  18. I love the labels!! Great for kids closets

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