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Nutrisystem Week 12 Report; A Need for balance in life #NSNation #Spon

Welcome to another weekly report of my experiences on the Nutrisystem program. After last week's bout with illness I was hoping nothing could be worse and that things would easily turn a corner for better. And then I was introduced to life. Nothing ever seems to go as planned. I learned quickly that i need to establish balance to success with Nutrisytem

A need for balance to succeed on Nutrisystem


After a week of being sick, the kid's school work, household cleaning, laundry, work assignments, and meal cooking had fallen far behind schedule. And to add injury to insult my cold turned into sinus infection symptoms. So still under the weather, I was rushing to get caught up, over taxing myself and adding even more stress by preparing for company coming into town over the weekend; all while I was still trying to catch up from the last two weeks of being sick. Does this sound familiar to you? 

The result; I let my life get far out of balance. I was not getting enough sleep. I was not allowing enough time for meal. I was stressed. What happened next? By Wednesday; I said "I don't care" and I gave up. I ate whatever was around, I didn't put enough effort into my health. I was letting my life run wild like a chicken with it's head cut off. And I couldn't get my self to care because I was so busy focusing on getting caught up. I let the important things slack and gave more importance to the unimportant things. 

It wasn't until Monday that I even noticed what was happening and realized that I had let my life get unbalanced. When things are unbalanced you lose focus of what's important and you don't allow yourself time to take care of yourself. I have since cut back on the unimportant things, and began to re-balance my daily life. I've removed a few stresses and I'm hoping for a much better week report next week. 

A look into the life of one living the Nutrisystem Program. 

As it's the end of another month that means I have a special treat for you! A video review of what it's like living the Nutrisystem program.  This month I want to show you what it is like when you get an order of food! Enjoy a look into the Nutrisystem program.



Week 12 results of Nutrisystem

Starting weight: 185.2
Week 1: 179.4
Week 2: 176.8
Week 3: 176.8
Week 4: 174.8
Week 5: 172.0
Week 6: 172.0
Week 7: 174.0
Week 8: 174.0
Week 9: 173.0
Week 10: 171.6
Week 11: 173.4

Week 12: 174.0

Thankfully the set back is not as bad as I was expecting honestly. And now with my head on straight, my symptoms finally starting to clear up (although still lingering) and a fresh supply of Nutrisystem food stocked in my pantry and freezer; I'm ready to clear the slate and get going again.  

Nutrisystem isn't about focusing on the set backs, but about moving forward and that's what I'm doing. Moving forward trying to make each day better than the day before. 


Tell me of your weight loss successes this week.

What goals do you have for yourself this coming week? 

I want to thank you  all for all your amazing support, comments ( I LOVE the comments!) and encouragement! I love sharing my journey with you and I wish you all the best luck on your journeys as well! 

I hope you will continue with me on my  journey as I blog each week of my experiences and success with Nutrisystem Nation!

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting

**I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free for my review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own and were not influenced in any manner. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.**







About Amber Edwards

Amber is the owner & editor of JadeLouise Designs located in Wasatch Front of Utah near SLC. She is a stay at home mom to Jonathan (11) Talmage (9) Jade (5) and little Rose Katharine (Due in September 2015), 1 dog and 1 cat. She loves to read, craft, bake, shop, travel, photography, and being a Mom and homemaker. She loves her family, and is passionate about sharing how to help families design a more family friendly lifestyle.


  1. CONGRATS! You’re doing a great job! I’m a #NSNation blogger too, today begins my 14th week! :)

  2. Great job! Keep pushing through!

  3. weight loss is so difficult and very personal. You are doing such a great job!

  4. Loved your vlog! The pound cake and brownies look so delish!

  5. Good job mama! Being sick, it is so hard. One day at a time and you are doing great!

  6. Wow I wished I had those snacks!! I’m so glad to see that you’re still on/in program….let’s see a picture of you!!!

  7. You’re doing great so don’t fret it! It takes time.

  8. Good job! I need to lose weight, and I’ve never tried Nutrisystem. Looks like it’s worked well for you, I might need to kick myself into gear and give it a try. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  9. Looks like they certainly have a great selection!

  10. “I let the important things slack and gave more importance to the unimportant things. ” <— I can totally relate! I'm guilty of that too. Especially when it comes to eating better.

  11. I love that they arrive so organized! That’s so helpful. I would have to restrain myself from attacking all the desserts at once, though. :/ Congrats on your success so far and looking forward to reading about your journey! :)

  12. It’s so difficult to stick to a diet when you are sick. You’ve done such a great job overall!

  13. How exciting!!Great going on the weight loss! Can’t wait to see your final weigh in results…it’s going to be fab!

  14. Weightloss is a continuous struggle with me. Lost over 35lbs in 2 years and kept it off. It wasn’t NutriSystem. I have another plan.

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