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No nonsense Leg wear Tights & Leggings, Best Fashion Accessory addition.

This post brought to you by No nonsense. All opinions are 100% mine.


Recently I discovered the wonder of fashion accessory leg wear! Yes, I am so behind the times! I absolutely hate nylons, so I never thought to give tights or leggings a try until the weather turned cold and I was looking for a way to help keep warm while still wearing my dresses. So I broke down and tried some leggings. Hello! I found my new favorite fashion accessory! I was astonished it was actually Leg wear! So I’ve been trying out more leggings and tights and I am loving them! I also love the way they can change an ordinary outfit and make it POP with excitement!

New No nonsense Leg wear tights and Leggings bring versatility to your outfits.

No nonsense Leg wear Tights & Leggings, Best Fashion Accessory addition

The new No nonsense tights and leggings make it easy to add a pop of color to every outfit. No nonsense is ensuring that all women can experience “style made easy”.

No nonsense is modern, stylish, and relevant to you as a woman! No nonsense enables women to update and change out any look with simply adding some stylish, colorful and affordable leg-wear. Like lipstick, tights can be a great statement piece to lift your mood and extend your wardrobe.

For example, I have a fun ribbed shirt that I usually only wear with Jeans. But with the new brown corduroy leggings I can turn a casual top into a dressy top!

No nonsense Leg wear Tights & Leggings, Best Fashion Accessory addition

Both are my style, but sometimes I want something a little more comfortable than jeans. And that is where the leggings can come in! With the same shirt and same shoes, I can have two completely different outfits. The leggings were comfortable and a soft fabric. They didn’t stick or scratch. Although I would have to say they seemed to measure big. I got the size that was supposed to fit me, but they were a little big. As you can tell from the bulk at my ankles. Next time I will have to get a smaller size.

I can turn a fun dress into a flirty and sexy dress with the net stocking tights! They have fun designs and patterns and I was able to spruce up my dress.

No nonsense Leg wear Tights & Leggings, Best Fashion Accessory addition

What I love about these tights is that they gave that extra classy look without squeezing my waist to death. I hate nylons because they are always so tight around my waist and never stay up. I’m always pulling them back up every 20 minutes. But these tights stayed in place, didn’t squeeze too tight around my waist and looked great! I’m quite in love with these tights, and will definitely be getting some more in more patterns and colors to dress up the rest of my dresses in my wardrobe!

No nonsense leg wear teams up with fashion experts

Not only does No nonsense leg wear  bring  you affordable fashion accessories; but they are also teaming up with Fashion expert Jill Martin. She will be assisting No nonsense with educating women on how to wear the brand’s new colorful and high-impact tights and leggings through several exciting initiatives. How cool, that we can learn from a fashion expert on how to use something as simple as tights and leggings to bring a fresh look to the outfits we already own!


To learn more simply visit No nonsense on Facebook and Twitter!

You can find your own reasonably priced pair of  No nonsense tights and leggings at food & drug stores as well as mass retail stores across the nation.

Do you have a favorite pair of leggings or tights?

Do you love changing up your look with fashionable leg wear?



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About Amber Edwards

Amber is the owner & editor of JadeLouise Designs located in Wasatch Front of Utah near SLC. She is a stay at home mom to Jonathan (11) Talmage (9) Jade (5) and little Rose Katharine (Due in September 2015), 1 dog and 1 cat. She loves to read, craft, bake, shop, travel, photography, and being a Mom and homemaker. She loves her family, and is passionate about sharing how to help families design a more family friendly lifestyle.


  1. YOu know what else would be cute? with the black tights and that dress? wear a black leather or biker jacket and some black chucky boots. Thanks for linking up to the Verizon Voices style hop both this week and last!

  2. I put on some leggings a couple years ago. My teenager daughter said I looked stupid. Maybe I should try again!

  3. those are attractive and practical!

  4. I love those leggings. They are so very cute and looks great with a dress or a skirt.

  5. I like them a lot. I used to wear fish nets in the old days!!! I like the texture and different styles. Thanks for the detailed and pictured review which helps a lot in seeing them to want to buy them!

  6. No nonsense leg wear looks very nice. Thanks for the interesting and informative review!

  7. I love the fun black patterned stockings you modeled here! I wasn’t aware those designs were offered by no-nonsense. I’ll have to look for them next time I go shopping.

  8. I love these leggings, there so stylish. I wanna get some leggings for my outfits that I have!

  9. I like that tights and leggings are back in style and No Nonsense offers so many wonderful colors to choose from on their web site. One style offered 12 different colors and some were bright and uplifting while others were dark and daring. Love it~!

  10. I would love to start wearing the leggings, they look so cute.

  11. I’ll have to try those the net stocking tights! I do actually wear leggings a lot–I have a favorite dark red pair. I also wear tights with skirts in the winter (and boots)!

  12. I am excited that leggings are back in and love that there are so many ways to wear them! Thanks for the pictures and the review!

  13. I’ve never been a big fan of leggings, but these may be worth a try.

  14. I don’t have any leggings, in fact I don’t wear many dresses. But I love this look!! Perhaps it is time for a wardrobe change?

  15. i love the designs on these!

  16. I love that leggings are now back in style because they are so comfortable and No No Nonsense has many options that are very stylish!
    Thanks for the great review :)

  17. I like that they have so many options in fabrics and colors. They are versatile.

  18. I like the brown corduroy leggings.

  19. Legwear can really change a look

  20. I didn’t know they had corduroy leggings. Have to try them out.

  21. I absolutely love tights…and leggings… I hate nylons, it’s always crazy to me when I see someone wearing them…lol.. the footless tights are so so nice with my knee high boots!

  22. Wow I really liked the leggings with the ribbed top. You could not even tell that they were leggings. What a neat idea. Thanks for posting this information.

  23. I got this ne top the other day, and so wished that i had a pair of these! Lol. Immediately thought of this review!

  24. my daughter would love the leggings, I will definitely be looking for these in the store…

  25. I like no-nonsense tights, reasonable price and good quality

  26. My favorites are corduroy leggings …I will have to try these!

  27. I do own a couple of pairs of tights but they have that issue you mentions, always having to pull them up. I would love to try these no-nonsense tights. They look great on you!

  28. They sure have come a long way since I have worn them. I like the cute Corduroy Leggings!

  29. I have always gotten No Nonsense brand when I need tights since I was young!

  30. I dont wear nylons anymore since Im retired but I do like to wear leggings. Nice design and they look great on you.

  31. I don’t have any leggings but I would love to get some after checking out this post.

  32. I haven’t really gotten into tights, or patterned leg wear, maybe because I don’t wear skirts or dresses :). But I love love love my leggings, especially in the winter when I can wear some cute boots with them!

  33. The patterns available are so cute! I had no idea No Nonsense made such cute products.

  34. I love the patterned pair you chose, very stylish

  35. I never tried No nonsense Leggings before! It looks pretty cool and comfort, I guess!
    Thanks for the review

  36. i love tights- they are a great addition to any outfit- and help in a pinch if
    you’ve forgotten to shave!

  37. My GF loves No nonsense leg wear!

  38. Leggings are great when It’s cold out! These ones have really cute designs too!

  39. Didn’t know they are now comes in leggings .. good to know and need to check them out, I wear leggings all the time. Thanks for this info post.

  40. I use to hate tights but these are cute!

  41. I love the leggings! How very stylish!!!

  42. oh the leggings are cute! I don’t have any maybe I’ll have to do some shopping for me soon =)

  43. I like those leggings – I wear only dresses and skirts so I’m always on the lookout for something to wear under them when it gets really cold – like below freezing here in Ohio.

  44. Great with/without photos! I love both looks on you!

  45. I love how versatile these are, Would be perfect for work or a night out on the town. All the outfits you made are beautiful!

  46. I love leggings and tights. They totally help dress your outfit up and keep you nice and warm! Great on such cold winter days!

  47. I love all the options leggings can bring!

  48. I want to start wearing more leggings. I really like the tights on you!

  49. I’m so much of a jeans and t-shirt girl that I’m not sure I even have a pair of nylons, tights or leggings in the house right now. Usually, I go and buy them right before I need them.

  50. I have been buying No Nonsense stockings for years–have got to try the tights or leggings!!

  51. I love how tights can completely change the look of an outfit! I really like colored tights with neutral sweaterdresses.

  52. They definitely dress up your outfits!!! FUN!! So fancy!! =)

  53. I bought some of these No Nonsense leggings for Christmas, and I am wearing a pair right now. I just love the footless tights. They are so comfortable and they keep me warm. By far these tights are the best I have ever worn.

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