netTALK Duo WiFi Replace your expensive landline with VOIP.

How much do you pay each month in phone bills? Wouldn’t it be nice to cut those bills down to size? If you have a landline; we know just the way to help you remove that phone bill completely but still retain a home phone! Switching to VoIP has never been easier than with the NetTalk Duo WiFi.

Why switch to netTalk Duo WiFi VOIP

netTALK Duo WiFi Replace your expensive landline with VOIP.

When we lived in Kansas the Husband and I had both cell phones and we had a landline in our home because you couldn’t get internet without a landline phone. Our landline phone was almost never used. Basically it sat there costing us a pretty penny. So when we moved to Idaho and got cable internet; we figured why have a landline? It’s not worth the $60/month. Sure they say the phone service is only $29; but once they are finished with taxes and hidden fees we were really paying $60 just for a phone we didn’t use.

netTALK Duo WiFi Replace your expensive landline with VOIP.

But what if you love your landline you ask me? Well; no worries. When you switch to netTalk Duo WiFi; you still can use your landline phone. You will still have a phone based in your home. You will simply be able to save a lot of money. But I’ll get into that in a minute. First I want to talk to those who are like us.

We have cell phones; so why do we need a home phone? Why use NetTalk? Just recently I realized not having a home phone could cause a little bit of a problem.  J. is now old enough to be getting phone calls from friends from school. I don’t want him using up all my minutes or racking up long and expensive phone calls on my cell phone.  He also is supposed to be learning about phone etiquette in Scouts. And we realized both boys need to have a phone backup in case there is an emergency, or they get home early and Mommy or Daddy are not home. They need a way to get ahold of us. They need to be able to call an emergency number if there is an emergency. We need a home phone.

But I didn’t want to go back to paying $60/month for a phone we would rarely use. So the solution is quite simple. A VoIP (Voice over IP). Basically it is a phone that uses your internet as a service provider. There are no hidden fees. No extra taxes.  The price you see when you sign up is the exact price you will pay. And nothing more! Then you have unlimited calling abilities.

A Closer look at NetTalk Duo WiFi

So why netTalk? Well; because they have a great service program. The NetTalk Duo Wifi device lets you replace your typical landline with the VoIP technology. The only requirement is that you need high speed internet and a telephone in which to place and receive phone calls. You can choose a phone number or keep your own. Once you are set up you can begin calling anywhere in the USA and Canada, all for free! Plus free calls to any netTalk user.  What else do you get with NetTalk Duo? The duo Wifi VoIP also offers you:

  • Call Blocking (block annoying calls)
  • NEW Call ID Blocking (protect your privacy)
  • One year of service included
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Choose a phone number or keep your own
  • Free local and long distance calling to the U.S. and Canada
  • Live technical support, 7 days a week
  • Flat-rate, ultra low-cost international call plans
  • Free DUO-to-DUO-calls anywhere in the world
  • Plugs directly into your router or computer
  • Landline goes anywhere there is Internet ( don’t need to change your phone number if you move)
  • 411 directory assistance
  • Call waiting / caller ID / call forwarding
  • 3-way calling / conference calling
  • Visual voicemail
  • Enhanced 911
  • Fax-friendly
  • …and more!

netTALK Duo WiFi Replace your expensive landline with VOIP

Are you excited yet? I know I was after reading all that. And even better is how affordable it is versus your typical landline. So all you landline lovers are you ready to hear price differences? The NetTalk Duo Wifi is only $64.95 plus tax. That is the unit and account. It also includes a full year of service. So just think; $64.95 for a full years worth of phone service! Big difference right? Oh, but it gets even better. Each year of service after the initial year is only $29.95 a year. So lets see; do I want to pay $60 a month or $64 the first year and only $30 each year after that? To me the answer is fairly clear.

But what about the NetTalk Duo Wifi Service?

The NetTalk duo is small, sleek and does not intrude upon your office or living area. I really like how small it is. It is also very easy to set up.  The box will have a temporary username and password you will use to activate your NetTalk Duo wifi unit. You will then create your account. Once your account is live; simply hook up the device according to the instructions. There are 3 different ways you can connect your Netalk duo device.

netTALK Duo WiFi Replace your expensive landline with VOIP

Once all the wires are connected, it will take just a few minutes for it update and acknowledge that the unit has been activated. The light on the unit will flash between red and green. Once it is complete and ready to use the light will turn green and your phone will give a little ring. Like I said, very simple set up.

A lot of the quality of your phone call will depend entirely on your internet provider. That’s not something we can blame on NetTalk. If you have a faster speed; then your delay time will be less, and reception better. If you are downloading or uploading large quantities of files/data; then that will also affect your phone quality. But with the typical high speed internet and normal internet use, our phone calls came through loud and clear.

The only time I noticed any distortion in the phone call is the other day when I was talking to the husband on his cell phone. There was a little static in the phone call which sounded a bit off. When I checked the computer I realized it had started running an auto update and was downloading a lot of updates. So it was good to know that even when I am running updates the upset in my phone call isn’t as bad as my Mother-in-law’s phone with another VoIP service. You can’t hardly do anything on a computer without causing big problems in the phone call at her house.

netTALK Duo WiFi Replace your expensive landline with VOIP.

As for customer service; They do have the 24/7 support line in case you experience any problems. During our set up we ended up with a little glitch. I could receive phone calls, but I couldn’t call out. I checked their site and read their technical tips. They were very informative and answered a lot of questions I had. But still didn’t address the problem. I submitted a ticket and I had an answer within an hour. The device was fixed and working properly.

My kid’s friends are now able to give them a call whenever they want! And it doesn’t cost me a penny! My kids can now call their friends. Or their grandparents! We now have the security of knowing we have a home phone if there is an emergency in our  home. My kids will be able to use it to call for help.

And here is one of my favorite features. Now when I lose my cell phone; I can just give it a call from my NetTalk home phone! I’ll be able to hear the ring and figure out where Jade hid it, or where it fell out of my pocket. (Both happen all too often. Usually it falls out of my pocket and then Jade takes it and hides it.)  I no longer have to run to Facebook and ask someone on my status to please call my cell because I can’t find it. /shamefulfacepalmtoforehead.  (and if you can read that; ten points to you!)

The Drawbacks of the netTalk Duo Wifi

Like any product there will be a few drawbacks. The netTalk is no exception. But the list is very short.

  • Possible lag or disruption if you are running a large program on the internet, streaming videos, downloading, uploading files or photos.
  • No service without power. Due to needing the internet, when the power goes out; so does your phone. I guess as long as you have a Cell phone back up; you should be just fine in a power outage.

Other than those two concerns, I’m absolutely in love with our netTalk Duo wifi. It is sleek, small, and saves us a lot of money, plus great features and excellent service!

neTalk Duo WiFi

You can order your own NetTalk Duo Wifi VoIP device from the NetTalk website and many electronic retail stores. Also be sure to like them on Facebook and Twitter!

Also be sure to visit our netTalk Duo WiFi Giveaway  from 12/21/12  until 1/4/13  to win your own neTalk Duo WiFi!  The giveaway will be open to US and Canada residents! And a quick hint; the first entry is to comment on this post, so be sure to leave a comment before heading over there so you don’t have to return. (Saying, “thanks for the giveaway” is not a valid comment entry for the giveaway)



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