Ladies Day In Party Ideas, and Tea Party Planning with Kleenex® and #SharetheSoft

It’s the dead of winter and I’m going stir crazy. I am sure many of you are feeling the same way. We need out! We need some girl time! Well, let’s do it! It doesn’t take much to plan and get a girls night out! Or even better, a Ladies Day In! It’s so cold to get out. And with the crazy schedule it is hard to get away at night. So this time, we took a morning while the kids were in school and just had a little Ladies Day In tea party! But there are lots of ways you can host a short and easy girls night in or Ladies Day In!

Ladies Day In Party Ideas, and Tea Party Planning with Kleenex® and #SharetheSoft

Ideas for a Ladies Day In

I don’t know about you, but for me a girl’s party always means great company, great food and watching a movie! But there are lots of other things we can add to the mix to really make the party a woman’s haven from our crazy life. So I’ve gathered some great ideas for you to plan your own party! To make your party amazing, be sure to pick up a great chick flick, Kleenex® Brand Tissues for any crying through said chick flick, and choose any of these ideas:

  • Spa party
  • Makeover Party
  • Cookie bakeoff
  • mani/pedi party
  • Craft Party! Bring any crafts and work on them together.
  • Scrapbooking party
  • Crochet party. If someone knows how to crochet, they can teach everyone else the skill.
  • Jam making party
  • Break making party
  • Massages
  • Nail painting
  • Potluck dinner party
  • appetizer and dessert bar
  • Dipping party. Food that requires being dipped in dips or chocolate
  • Chocolate fondue party
  • Glitter Toes and Doritos. A party where you paint glittery polish on toes and eat Doritos. Pretty Self explanatory

See there are lots of ideas to have a totally rocking girls party! Invite a few friends over and get over the winter blues together!

This week we got some much needed girl time while we had a tea party! I went to Walmart to pick up some Kleenex® Brand Tissues. I noticed they have a special where you can redeem the special code at Vudu for a $4 credit! That’s enough for a great chick flick movie rental! Oh, the wheels started turning and I had a Ladies Day In party in the works.

Ladies Day In Party Ideas, and Tea Party Planning with Kleenex® and #SharetheSoft

So I went around the store to find all that I would need to hold the party. I found a lot of great stuff. Almost everything I needed was found at Walmart. You can see everything I got for the party in my Google+ Album.

ILadies Day In Party Ideas, and Tea Party Planning with Kleenex® and #SharetheSoft

Hosting a Ladies Day In Tea Party

So it’s rather ironic that I was hosting a Ladies Day In tea party. We don’t drink tea, unless it’s herbal tea and then only when we are sick. We don’t drink coffee either. But we do dearly love our hot chocolate! It’s pretty easy to trade in tea and coffee for some Belgian hot chocolate. The recipe is super easy and a big luxury to share with your best girlfriends.

So I went with the theme! We had a cinnamon streusel coffee cake baked in adorable tea cup molds. Big mugs for the Belgian hot chocolate and lots of fun Valentine’s Day decor. It is coming up soon and why not show your best friends how much they mean to you!

Ladies Day In Party Ideas, and Tea Party Planning with Kleenex® and #SharetheSoft Ladies Day In Party Ideas, and Tea Party Planning with Kleenex® and #SharetheSoft

I was even able to find some really cute cups, chocolates, sugar free candies, candles and notepad and pen set that worked perfectly for little gift cups! Each woman got one to take home.

Ladies Day In Party Ideas, and Tea Party Planning with Kleenex® and #SharetheSoft

And we can’t forget the Kleenex® Brand Tissues! They are known for their softness and for being thick. You always have to be prepared with tissues when watching a great chick flick! You never know when you are going to have a good cry.

So with the party all prepped and the popcorn popped we are ready to pick out the movie! I visited Walmart’s Kleenex product page so I could redeem my credit code. It then took me to the Vudu website to redeem.

Ladies Day In Party Ideas, and Tea Party Planning with Kleenex® and #SharetheSoft Ladies Day In Party Ideas, and Tea Party Planning with Kleenex® and #SharetheSoft


It was really easy. I already had an account since I hosted the Amazing Spiderman Party a few months ago. It’s a great service that lets you buy or rent movies at a great price and it’s all instant! No running to the store to pick it up. No need to keep track of discs. It’s all right there via streaming.

Ladies Day In Party Ideas, and Tea Party Planning with Kleenex® and #SharetheSoft


You just enter in the promotion code that came on the box of Kleenex brand tissues. Then it confirms you entered in the code and the amount is then credited to your account. Now you are ready to rent or buy a new movie! Very easy!

I was the only one that had seen Nicolas Sparks’ new “The Lucky One” movie, so we had to go with that. I mean, what screams girl’s movie more than a Nicolas Sparks movie? And that is another reason why the Kleenex® Brand Tissues are a must for a Ladies Day In party!

Ladies Day In Party Ideas, and Tea Party Planning with Kleenex® and #SharetheSoft

It was such a relaxing morning and early afternoon. Just great food. Great company and a great movie! And it didn’t take a lot of planning at all! In fact other than the shopping, I had the entire party ready in about 1.5 hours. Most of that time was simply waiting for the Coffee cake to bake.  And it was so worth it!

Ladies Day In Party Ideas, and Tea Party Planning with Kleenex® and #SharetheSoft

When are you going to reward yourself and your friends with a fun and luxurious Ladies Day In party! Or a girls night in?

Don’t forget to #sharethesoft with your friends with the Kleenex® Brand Tissues. Even if you don’t cry during the movie, they will still love to take them home. With cold and allergy season attacking on all fronts, these tissues will be much appreciated!

To learn more about Kleenex® Brand Tissues follow them on Facebook and twitter!

Ladies Day In Party Ideas, and Tea Party Planning with Kleenex® and #SharetheSoft

What theme will your Ladies Day In party have?

Now tell me, how many of you would have enjoyed my Ladies Day In party?


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  1. What a lovely tea party! Those teacup cupcake holders are genius!!

  2. I would have LOVED your party! And I love the cupcake tea cup holders, too! So adorable!!
    Looks like you threw a great get together! I need to do that for my friends!

  3. Such an awesome idea! I bet everyone had a blast …. and definitely used the tissues when watching “The Lucky One.”

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  11. I wanted to let you know that I picked up a teacup cupcake kit yesterday! I can’t wait to use them!

  12. What a fantastic idea- I love those cups! What a fantastic and easy craft just in time for Vday! I love Kleenex- can’t live without them!

  13. I love your teacup muffins! I will have to look for the muffin cups. The table looks wonderful.

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  15. I love what you’ve created. What a great idea for a girls day.

  16. How sweet! I spotted those teacup cupake kits and should really grab a few. They turned out beautiful. Yes, we all need some gal time. I like the cooking parties. Either for freezer meals or canning because then we are all super productive. One friend of mine suggested having a grown-up crafting party. We all love an excuse to get together, laugh and maybe even cry.

  17. what great ideas and those teacup cupcake kits are awesome! I am a Kleenex loyalist and the vudu promotion is just another reason!

  18. How fun! I love the cupcakes in teacups, will have to try it myself.

  19. I want to come to your house and party with you!!! All of that looked no only yummy, but fun too! I love the teacup cupcake kit!

  20. I so need to do this! My BFF just had baby #4 and she deserves a fun mom’s day.

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  29. Right now I’m praising Kleenex, this damn flu/cold is ruining my life lol.

    Great post, I love tea (but I may be biased since I’m a Steeped rep). Fun ideas!

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