Kids Crafts; Holiday Tyson Chicken Nuggets creative food ideas #Mealstogether

It’s no secret that we love to make kids crafts in this household! Especially when they are holiday crafts that match the season! But have you ever tried making kids crafts out of your food? Ok, sure there are the cookies that you decorate. But why do cookies get all the fun? How about creative food ideas with regular food you would eat for dinner! We took the challenge and came up with some fun creative food ideas for kids crafts with Tyson Chicken Nuggets!

Kids Crafts; Holiday Tyson Chicken Nuggets creative food ideas #Mealstogether

Gathering your Kids Crafts Supplies

I don’t know about you, but with the hustle and bustle of Christmas I find myself short on time. For this week at least I need easy meal ideas for my kids. We tend to be running all over the place with school plays, holiday parties and such.

One of the top requested easy meals is Tyson Chicken Nuggets and fries. Sounds great! They are simple to make. Plus the Tyson Chicken nuggets are made from 100% natural ingredients! They are made with white mean, 0g trans fat and no preservatives.

Kids Crafts; Holiday Tyson Chicken Nuggets creative food ideas #Mealstogether

So off I go to our local Sam’s Club. Like I said, I need quick and easy meals for a few days. Just enough to last us until all the kid’s  Holiday affairs are complete. Then I will have time to cook a regular home cooked meal again. And Sam’s Club is the best place to go when you are looking to get a good quantity of items at the best price.

I found some truly amazing things at Sam’s Club! Including some fun Stocking Stuffer chocolate Truffles, Jade’s favorite dried mangos, and some baked goodies to take to our family parties. You can check out my Google+ Album to see my entire shopping trip to see what other holiday goodies we found!

Kids Crafts; Holiday Tyson Chicken Nuggets creative food ideas #Mealstogether

And if you want to try out the Tyson Chicken Nuggets before hand; be sure to visit your local Sam’s Club on December  20th & 23rd from 10am-2pm! They will be having live demonstrations at all Sam’s Clubs! If you can make it, it will be a lot of fun.

Creating your Holiday Tyson Chicken Nuggets Kids Crafts

With our creative food ideas being brained stormed; we all agreed it would be fun to make some Holiday snowmen and Wreaths with our Sam’s Club Tyson Chicken Nuggets. To begin we need:

  • Cooked Chicken Nuggets
  • Cooked Fries
  • Black Olives
  • Toothpicks
  • Food Coloring
  • Ketchup
  • Flat cake decorating platter-silver (for fun and completely optional)

Kids Crafts; Holiday Tyson Chicken Nuggets creative food ideas #Mealstogether

Let’s start by making the Holiday Snowmen Chicken Nuggets. You will need three chicken nuggets, two fries, about 5 toothpicks, one olive and a little ketchup.

Kids Crafts; Holiday Tyson Chicken Nuggets creative food ideas #Mealstogether

  1. Place one chicken nugget flat on a plate and place a toothpick in the center sticking straight up.
  2. Slide a second chicken nugget onto the toothpick. This time the chicken nugget should be vertical. Add a new Toothpick into the top of the 2nd nugget. Slide the 3rd nugget into place.
  3. Add one more toothpick on top of the 3rd nugget. Add a toothpick on each side of the 2nd nugget for the arms.
  4. Slide the french fries onto the arm toothpicks. Place the olive onto the top toothpick. Decorate with Ketchup for eyes and buttons. (I did have an idea for the nose and mouth when I first came up with this kids crafts activity; but when I started doing it; I had completely forgotten what I was going to do. So if you have any great ideas for the next time we make these, let me know in the comments below!)

Let me tell you now, kids will absolutely love making these! I don’t know if it has to do with it being a kids craft or the fact that you are actually letting your kids play with their food! But who cares! My boys had a blast. And our table was filled with giggles this night. It didn’t take a lot of extra time either. But they definitely will have fond memories.

Kids Crafts; Holiday Tyson Chicken Nuggets creative food ideas #Mealstogether

When Kids Crafts go wrong; you improvise

For the second kids craft I was going to make a Christmas Wreath with the nuggets. That is where the food coloring comes in. I first intended to cut a small hole in the middle of a nugget. It didn’t work. The nugget just shredded. Ok, no problem. Next idea; I was going to drizzle a little green food coloring around the outer edge of the nugget. Then put red in the center. I could still have a Chicken Nugget Christmas Wreath.

Kids Crafts; Holiday Tyson Chicken Nuggets creative food ideas #Mealstogether


Well, as you can see that didn’t turn out so hot either. The Food coloring was far too concentrated and dark. The green didn’t look green at all.  As I looked at this sad little chicken nugget I thought and thought. “How Can I salvage this?”

Then it dawned on me. COAL! I just made a lump of coal! Haha! I put one more drop of green food coloring in the center to cover up the red and I had lumps of coal to go along with my Holiday Nugget snowmen.

Working together on Kids Crafts

As I mentioned, kids will absolutely love creating their own Chicken Nugget Snowmen and coal nuggets!  It’s an activity and dinner all in one! Major time savors! It allowed us to spend some much  needed quality time together, doing something fun. Yet we were still able to stay on schedule and not miss any appointments.

Kids Crafts; Holiday Tyson Chicken Nuggets creative food ideas #Mealstogether Kids Crafts; Holiday Tyson Chicken Nuggets creative food ideas #Mealstogether


With the help from my boys; we soon had enough for a little Holiday Nugget snowman village. I have to say this would probably make a great family kids craft, Holiday party activity, or even a Winter birthday party kids craft. It will be easy for you to orchestrate, simple cooking, simple clean up and lots of fun!

Kids Crafts; Holiday Tyson Chicken Nuggets creative food ideas #Mealstogether


Kids Crafts that are edible

One of the best things about this super fun Kids craft; is that it is one that will get your kids excited about dinner! Not only are the nuggets and fries a favorite of almost any child; but when you turn it into a game they tend to eat more! I usually can only get my boys to eat 3 nuggets and then they want to go play or watch a movie. They like them; but they are far more interested in going to do something fun. But with this; they had a blast building their Holiday nuggets. Then they also enjoyed eating them!

Kids Crafts; Holiday Tyson Chicken Nuggets creative food ideas #Mealstogether

I think I even heard a few “Help me! Help me! He’s going to eat me!” before bites were taken out of the snowmen. Ok; sure. Maybe a little morbid. But I tell you what, I had quite a few giggles myself. The kids were so funny. And they each ate more than one snowman, plus extra fries! We also added in some fruit and string cheese. Overall; a very successful dinner.

Kids Crafts; Holiday Tyson Chicken Nuggets creative food ideas #Mealstogether


For more delicious and fun dinner ideas check out Tyson online to see their many family friendly frozen meal options. You can also find them on Facebook.

So, are you up for the Holiday Nugget Challenge? I challenge you to get creative with your Tyson Chicken Nuggets! Get creative using ranch, ketchup, mustard, etc. and decorate those nuggets!

How would you use Tyson Chicken Nuggets in Kids Crafts?



I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias®  and Tyson #CBias #SocialFabric. However all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. These are very cute. It is enjoyable to make anything with your kids even if the end result isn’t what you thought of. Plus your little ones face looks so cute examining his work.

  2. how cute, my grandson would love this, we will have to try it, thanks for sharing

  3. Fee (Phyllis) Roberts

    I’ll have to try this with my granddaughter. She is so picky, I have a hard time getting her to eat.

  4. What a fun idea my son would love this and he loves Tyson chicken nuggets

  5. i love this! paying with your food so cute will definatly have to try this with my son!!

  6. LOL .. this is definitely a great craft for boys!! What a fun ideas to do when several boys get together and ready to eat at anytime .. may the best chicken win! Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is so cute! One way that kids can actually play with their food. I like this because it can be used all through winter to make dinners a little more interesting. :)

  8. These are too cute. My kids would love to make these….and then eat them. I know my daughter would try to make some animals out of hers.

  9. These are so cute. The kids will love them as my grandson and nephew like chicken nuggets sometimes thats all they will eat. They can have fun making them then destroying them and eating them all up .They play with their food all the time anyways so myswell let them have fun doing it. I’m sure we can find other variations to help make our nugget people if we think long enough. I like to make fun foods for the kids – they eat them much better.

  10. I just looove spending time with my daughter and create things together so I really loved your post! Such a fun idea! Plus the time you spend together is priceless and you will cherish it forever. Happy Christmas!

  11. Hey, when I have to salvage a clearly “nailed it” treat, I say “super mom to the rescue” What a great idea to turn it into coal. Also a lesson on you better behave to avoid more coal in the stocking 😀 love it!

  12. making food fun and getting kids to help make it is wonderful. Have you made pancake snowmen?

  13. How cute & love the coal, how creative. :)

  14. Adorable!! Love what you did with the nuggets. We made a nugget Christmas tree and nugget reindeer with nuggets last week and had a blast doing so. So many ideas and options!

  15. I am so glad the snowmen cried out for help as they were being eaten! Haha! The best food is the food you can play with before eating. :)

  16. That’s hilarious! I recently heard an interview on NPR with a chef who encourages his dinner guests (and his children) to play with their food. Literally. As in, use their food as instruments to make music on before chowing down.

  17. This is so much fun and your little guy seemed to really enjoy it!

  18. Oh my goodness! These are so stinking cute and creative! You could have used sour cream and made snow lol. I want to play now too!

  19. That is so funny!! I love how kids will always turn it into something “horrible” ie) Don’t eat me!! I love this idea!! I’m sure your kids will remember this meal for a long time!!

  20. You get an A+ for creativity and originality!! Your son is the cutest EVER!

  21. My son came home from school today talking about an assembly they had where the lady talked about Tyson chicken nuggets and crafts. I had no clue what he was talking about but after reading this post it all makes sense!

  22. OMG That is hilarious!! My boys walked behind me and started laughing. Great idea for little ones!

  23. Those are so cute and creative.

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  27. This is so so cute. My kids would love it. I don’t know if they are patient enough to wait for decorations

  28. That is too cute!! My 3 year old would eat them before I could make the craft!!! Tyson is a great brand that’s been around for ages and so therefore they have my trust.

  29. These are great! My kids would love them! I make them hot dog octopuses a lot and they love “playing” with their food! lol!

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  33. Love the Snowmen as it was obvious your kids did too!! This would be a great idea for a children’s party as well!! I have shopped at Sam’s club but like with all the other big box stores-I don’t anymore–I wish they would realize that there are single people living in this country who can’t buy in quantity!!

  34. Those are great and what kid doesn’t love playing with their food :)

  35. What wonderful food creations! Chicken nuggets are most kid’s favorite food.

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