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Haba Terra Kids Assembly Kit Twirling Prawn Kids Toy

If you read our post yesterday about the Haba Pure Nature Doll you already know how much we love the Haba brand. It has been our favorite for years, ever since we lived in Germany. So when I found out they now have a HABA USA where I can get the same amazing German toys right here in the USA I was so excited I started searching for a great new toy for J. He is almost 9 and really into building, science and seeing how things work. I knew the Terra Kids assembly kits would be perfect for him.

Haba Terra Kids Assembly Kit Twirling Prawn Kids Toy

A Closer look at the Haba Terra Kids Assembly Kit

We tried out the Twirling Prawn Terra Kids assembly kit this last week. I have to say that it is definitely not something you want to say, “Hey; let’s play with your new toy” before you get it put together! I had kids sitting around waiting for me to put it all together. There is full assembly required. So I was constantly bombarded with

“Is it finished yet?”

“How Much Longer?”

“Is it done yet?”

I tell you what, it was worse than taking kids on a long traveling adventure. They were so excited to play with the terra kids assembly kit. But the assembly does take quite a while. Although I think that is part of the thrill with the assembly kit. If you have older kids that love to build and put things together; the terra kids assembly kits are perfect! They encourage building skills. J. couldn’t quite figure out the instructions so I got to put the entire kit together for them. There are times when you have to just leave it to sit for about 10 minutes while the glue dries; before you can move onto the next section.

But in the end this quick arts & crafts activity produces a cool sea creature with rattling, rolling eyes, cord, and motion module with a windup motor! You have to loosen the parts from the wooden board and fit them together following the instructions.

Haba Terra Kids Assembly Kit Twirling Prawn Kids Toy

I found after looking very closely at the illustrations that they were adequate to follow. I did struggle a little here and there. I wish there could have been a little direction given. It is all just pictures. But seeing as it is a toy made in Germany and sold to many different countries each with their own language; I can understand why it would be better to just have pictures. If they were to add in directions; they would have to do it in all the languages which would require an additional book of instructions. It would greatly increase the cost of production and thus increase the price of the toy. So; I’m ok with it just being illustrations. If you are used to assembling German toys; you will find them really easy to follow. It’s been a few years for me so I was a little rusty. They are a little different from American instructions.

Once we got the Terra Kids Assembly kit all put together it was time to pull the string and watch it fly! Well, spin. I was really impressed with how fast it spins. It definitely kept the kids entertained. Even though they were impatient for me to build the kit; they still enjoyed watching me do it. And they love the twirling prawn.

Haba Terra Kids Assembly Kit Twirling Prawn Kids Toy

Just to show you how much we loved it; I took a little video of it in action. We did have a little trouble getting one of the eyes to stay in the “socket” but it’s no biggie. We just let that eye stay out of socket until we are done playing with it. I’m eventually just going to have to try to re-glue the piece back in to see if I can get it to stay.



Overall; my boys absolutely loved the HABA Terra Kids Assembly kit. Now they are asking for more. They have more advanced assembly kits and one or two that are more simple than this one. The one I really want to get next is the Terra Kids Assembly Kits automobile! It just looks amazing! And we’d have hours upon hours of fun. And this one; I’d let J do most of the assembling. After he watched me put the Twirling Prawn together; he now understands how to read the instructions and he’s ready to assemble his own.

Haba Terra Kids Assembly Kit automobile Kids Toy


The Terra Kids assembly kits average between $8-15 on HABA USA.  They make excellent arts and craft activities for kids; both boys and girls. They inspire creativity and even slightly educational.

I also suggest you follow them on Facebook and Twitter to learn about their promotions, sales and other product news.

 What do you love most about the Terra Kids assembly kits?

Do you love other Haba Products?


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  1. I think my kids would get more out of a toy like this once they’ve moved beyond the destructive toddler years. Perfect for a six year old?

  2. That is super cool! We are big fans of Haba products!

  3. That is wicked cute! MY kids would love this! I also love Haba!

  4. What fun! This looks like a great rainy day project for older kids.

  5. My nephews are really interested in putting things together and taking them apart so I bet this would be a huge hit.

  6. i must admit I am terrible about following directions that come with things but my son loves putting together creations like this. I think he would really enjoy it!

  7. Oh my goodness, that looks like too much work for me to put together, but it looks like something my nephew would love!

  8. What a great idea. Definitely looks like it will keep someone busy!

  9. HABA has some of the most well designed and constructed toys I’ve ever seen, this one included!

  10. I’ve never heard of them before, but it looks like a great toy/craft for the kids! My children love to put things together, and figure out puzzles, so this would be wonderful. The prices seem very reasonable as well!

  11. My niece and I recently put this same kit together. It took a few minutes to figure it out from the directions, but once we got started my niece was able to do it on her own. She loves playing with it! It sounds like your kids enjoyed it also!

  12. I like that this is an affordable toy, it looks like it is well made too!

  13. Now that is a fun product! My boys would love it.

  14. This looks complicated but seems like it would be great for older “kids” to work on! Keep them busy!

  15. AT first glance, it looks complicated but I bet my two oldest g-kids would love it. They like a challenge.

  16. My son standing behind me says “Oh cool mom did I get one for Christmas?”. He loves building these kind of things!

  17. This is perfect for older kids, my oldest son would so love this toy!

  18. Never heard of these before–but then it has been years since I have gone looking for toys and you say they just came to the USA. These look kind of complicated for someone who is ALL thumbs like me–more then likely the kids would be able to put it together quicker!! They do look like a lot of fun!!

  19. This looks like something fun to put together with dad. I’m not so good at putting that kinda stuff together. I don’t have any Haba products but I’ve heard great things about them!

  20. Jenn @

    It does look a little complicated, but I’m glad you figured it out – without instructions and all! It looks great!

  21. looks dangerous! lol this is more of a boy toy i think, but i love haba.. they have great wood products

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