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Gelato, the natural ice cream with many health benefits

Gelato has been considered to be a popular form of natural ice cream with lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, natural flavor and milk having many health benefits like high protein and vitamins but low fat content

Making of Gelato

Gelato, the natural ice cream with many health benefits

Gelato is actually an Italian ice cream which is a sweet treat and is generally served frozen. It comprises of milk, cream and sugar and its flavor comes from the use of chocolates, fruits and nuts. It is more natural than ice cream because it is made with pure and fresh ingredients and contains no ice cream. Even it is free from any artificial fillers and flavors. It has a strong flavor due to addition of natural ingredients and is also very less in fat content. It can give you much more than ice cream as no air is pumped into it and hence it can give you much more than ice cream being a creamier and denser product. The same volume of gelato weighs much more than the same volume of ice cream as it is a denser product. Nowadays you can get it in more than 100 types of flavors.

Gelato; a Better Option than Ice Cream

Gelato is usually taken after having a heavy Italian meal and is really very delicious to taste. Its colorful appearance makes it appealing to the eyes and has become a very popular form of ice cream for all types of Italian occasions like a wedding reception, birthday party, entertaining guests and so on. Various types of colorful gelato are nowadays available in almost all grocery chain stores and it has made a name for itself as a healthy ice cream. Nowadays almost all Italian restaurants have made it the most unique dessert menu and its bold flavors and numerous recipes are really a feast for our eyes as well as our taste buds. It has been generally accepted as the best substitute for ice cream with health benefits like low fat content and low calories. It is not only very light, simple and easy to digest but also very easy to prepare and delicious to eat.

Popular Gelato Recipes

With the popularity of the gelato growing day by day, nowadays it is a general liking for everybody to have some best gelato recipes after having a full course Italian meal since it is not only delicious but also easy to digest. Among the popular recipes are custard cream gelato, triple chocolate gelato, peach gelato and strawberry gelato in which everyone has a liking. Besides this, you can also make recipes by using a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, you can use fruits and vegetables combination to prepare some of the best gelato recipes like mango cucumber, banana beet, banana carrot, strawberry celery, orange basil, lime chili mango, sweet corn thorn tree honey and various other types. Eggs are also preferred by some to make gelato recipes.

Gelato is the Healthy Ice Cream

Gelato is usually considered as a healthy ice cream since it is naturally made from fruits and vegetables and has very low fat content. Besides as it is made from milk rather than cream with which ice cream is made, it is more health benefits. Also, it contains more flavors because it comprises of lot of fresh fruits. Enriched with milk and nuts, it has high protein content essential for our diet. It also contains vitamins due to fresh fruits and vegetables and calcium since it is made from pure milk.


Author: Sujoy Bhuiya is a freelance writer who is well educated on Gelato.

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  1. I always try to find the most natural ice cream. We used to make our own on weekends when I was little. We did it the old fashioned way where our arms felt like they were going to fall off before it was finished, lol. We picked the berries ourselves and during the winter we would use the ones we froze.

  2. sounds very good . I love gelato

  3. I love gelato but have resolved to eat less dairy this year :(

  4. I have heard of Gelato, but I never knew what it was. I like the sound of this dessert that it is made with no ice cream and is healthier. I really would love to try this. I see that you have a link to make Gelato, and I would love to make some and see what it is like.

  5. I love Gelato!! I’ve never made it though…I will have to try to make my own

  6. I’ve never even tried Gelato, will have to to keep my New Year’s resolution.

  7. I’ve never tried Gelato before because I never really knew they were different. After reading this post, I definitely want to. Healthy foods are important to me.

  8. I have had Gelato once and really loved it. I would love to make my own! Love that it’s healthier for you than average ice cream.

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