Family Movie Night with Big G Cereal Movies #biggcerealmovies

Thanks to General Mills Big G Cereal for sponsoring today’s discussion around Family Movie night! 

One of my favorite childhood memories was Saturday Morning Cartoons. I would get up and fill my bowl with my favorite cereal and eat breakfast while watching Saturday morning cartoons. It was a great time. Well; my kids don’t get Saturday morning cartoons. We don’t have TV. We stream all of our entertainment, or buy DVD’s. So in order to help build fond memories for them we often have Family movie nights!

Get a Free Movie for Family Movie Night!

Family Movie nights are fun because we all gather around to watch a fun family movie. We build cherished memories. And we just have fun. One of the favorite snacks for family movie night aside from the obvious Popcorn is Big G Cereals! No joke. My kids love using these cereals as a snack during Family movie night!

Family Movie Night with Big G Cereal Movies #biggcerealmovies

Well Big G Cereals just made our Family Movie Night even easier! Right now you can get a free digital download of a family movie after purchasing two specially marked boxes of Big G. Cereals! Cereals include:

Family Movie Night with Big G Cereal Movies #biggcerealmovies

Honey Nut Cheerios™
Fruity Cheerios™
Frosted Cheerios™
Lucky Charms™
Reese’s Puffs®
Cocoa Puffs ™
Golden Grahams ™

It was a hard choice to pick. We really liked quite a few of these movies. In all there are 10 Family Movies to choose from too! But in the end it came down to Night at the Museum and The Chronicles of Narnia. The Chronicles of Narnia won in the end and that is the movie we downloaded and enjoyed for our last Family Movie night!

Family Movie Night with Big G Cereal Movies #biggcerealmovies

To get your movie simply visit the Big G Cereal Movies landing page.

Step 1: Enter code 1 and code 2 from each cereal box (meaning you’ll need to buy two boxes as you need 2 codes)

Step 2: Select from the 10 movies for download

Step 3: Choose to redeem from Target Ticket, Vudu, or Google Play. Next, select the “Redeem” button.

**Please Note: all movies must be downloaded prior to August 31, 2015.



And that’s all there is to it! Now you can enjoy your free download any time! We are excited that it will help keep the kids entertained on the long drive to our camping site this year. But it also makes for a great Family movie night; as we are shut in due to thunderstorms and can’t play outside.

Family Movie Night with Big G Cereal Movies #biggcerealmovies

Now we have a great movie for Family movie night; and the fun Big G Cereals to enjoy while we watch!

How do you make your family movie night special?




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  1. The kids loved Ice Age! Maybe we will pick up a box and have a family movie night!

  2. We could have fun with that. Snacks while we watch Diary of Wimpy kid.

  3. We loved Narnia and Dr. Doolittle. There are a lot of great Saturday morning cartoons I miss.

  4. Family movie nights are so much fun! They’re even more fun with a bowl of cereal instead of popcorn!

  5. Cereal is probably my favorite food. I eat it all the time. It’s definitely a go-to snack at our house!

  6. Saturday cartoons may have changed a lot, but the cereal sure hasn’t! Big G Cereals are some of the best – childhood classics!

  7. Lucky charms!!! So yummy, we love family movie nights and delicious snacks are a must.

  8. I would happily pick we bought a zoo ! My kids Love that movie. It’s pretty great when you can count on freebies that come with your regular brand purchases and save you money on entertainment. It’s awfully costly sometimes otherwise. I am all about saving $$.

  9. Oh delicious, My kids love all kinds of cereal, but when it comes to the Lucky Charms, they only pick the charms – Boo.
    Love how much fun you had with it

  10. Even my grown kids will reach for a bowl of cereal if they’re between meals and hungry. It drives my oldest son’s wife a little mad. I can only laugh because I sometimes do the same. :)

  11. I like the idea of using cereal instead of popcorn as a movie treat, so many more options to choose from. Will have to raid the kids’ cereal next time we sit down to have movie night!

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