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Facebook Page Updates: How It Affects You And What You Can Do About It.

Facebook is at it again, they are changing what types of posts and stories show up in your news feed, without your permission and you have no say! It's amazing just how little control we have over our very own news feed! 

If you haven't heard yet, Facebook has now limited yet again what you will see in your news feed. Do you have a favorite Facebook Fan page, maybe like JadeLouise Designs that you love to stay up to date on their posts? Well, Facebook is now making it harder for Fan page's posts to appear in your news feed unless they PAY Facebook to place their posts in your feed. Even though you've already "liked" their page, many of these page's posts still won't show up in your news feed. 

Basically it means a Facebook fan page isn't free any longer! Fan page owners must pay to have their news posted into the feeds of those who have already "liked" their page. Does this sound logical to you? I can understand paying to have a page's information advertised to a reader who has not already "liked' the page, but now even saying "yes, I want to follow this page" is no longer enough! That page now must pay for you to even be able to see all their posts in your news feed! 

What do you think about this?

Should Facebook decide what you want to see, instead of you? 

How Facebook decides what shows up in your News feed.

Facebook uses EdgeRank, an algorithm that determines what items populate your News Feed. Facebook, therefore, assigns a value to every possible story that could end up in the feed.  

"This value is based on affinity, weight and time. Affinity is the relationship between the user and the page or friend that created an item. Weight is affected by the type of story, for instance, whether it is a photo upload or a comment on another person’s status. Facebook tends to value rich media content and often when it introduces something new like Questions, it temporarily weights activity from that feature higher. The third factor affecting EdgeRank is how recently an action was taken."

Because of Edgerank, this is why sometimes you see every single post of your best friend that you interact with on an hour by hour basis, but only see a small status update every few weeks from someone else. Or why you only see a few posts from your favorite fan pages, when they are actually posting twice as many each week.

When more people interact with a single post, this gives it more value, which Facebook then ranks higher and then will allow to show up in more people's newsfeed. This is one reason why so many fan pages want your interaction so desperately. Without it, then our status no longer show up in anyone's news feed and none of our fans can see our newest news! 

You can check your own page's Edgerank and see where your page stands. 

Cost to Fanpages to Share Their Stories W/ Their Fans

The newest changes are still at the beginning stages and have not fully been released yet. But many Facebook pages are now given the option to "promote" their own page to the very people who have already liked their page. Again, this is not NEW people, but those who have already clicked, "LIKE" and voiced they want to follow and receive that page's statuses in their news feed.  The cost of one of these promotions is anywhere from $5-$300! 

Do you think it's fair to now charge Facebook pages to access fans who have already voiced their desire to follow them? 

And most fans don't even have a clue that Facebook is doing this! They don't know why they aren't seeing all the posts of their favorite pages. Most users don't know they could  be missing out on amazing giveaways, and fun tutorials and lots more! 

How You can Ensure you don't Miss Out!

There is however a way in which you can ensure that more of your favorite Fan page's posts show up in your news feed, so you never miss your favorite news again! 


 1. When you visit your favorite Facebook Pages, hover over the "like" button and ensure that you have selected the simple "show in news feed" option. If it's not checked, you won't see their posts. So the first step is to ensure that this is checked. 

2. Again hover over the like button, and select "new list…" (if you already have a list, you can skip this part.

3. Select the page you want to add to a list

4. Name the new list you want to add the page to, or use one of the pre-made lists. I selected one of my favorite Shopping Fan pages, and created a list called "shops". You can choose who will be able to see your list, public, friends only, or private. 

5. Your lists will show up on your left hand sidebar under “Interests”. Click the list and browse through the newest updates from your favorite shops or blogs. 

6. Each time you visit a favorite Facebook Page, be sure to add them to a list, so you won't miss out again. 

And don't forget about adding JadeLouise Designs to your lists! 

Other Ways to Stay "In the Know"

If all the lists sound confusing, or you just don't want to go through all that hassle, I can completely understand, there are other ways in which you can stay "in the know" with your favorite websites, blogs, and more. Many of these pages, JadeLouise Designs included, have more than one social network! You can choose to follow them on a new social network such as Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. And even better, is a simple Email or RSS subscription. JadeLouise Designs only sends one email a day, and only on days when we have new content. 


What do you think about the changes Facebook is making?

Will you be Happier or more frustrated with Facebook Changes?

About Amber Edwards

Amber is the owner & editor of JadeLouise Designs located in Wasatch Front of Utah near SLC. She is a stay at home mom to Jonathan (11) Talmage (9) Jade (5) and little Rose Katharine (Due in September 2015), 1 dog and 1 cat. She loves to read, craft, bake, shop, travel, photography, and being a Mom and homemaker. She loves her family, and is passionate about sharing how to help families design a more family friendly lifestyle.


  1. Ashley Montgomery

    I think it’s pure BS. Who are they to say what we want and don’t want to see/

  2. Facebook is becoming useless…just like Myspace.Wonder what’s next?

  3. Facebook changes has always frustrated me and I guess we just have to live with them changing things all the time. MY gosh, now this. Thanks for letting us know. I had already liked your page but did hover over it and now I have an Interest list going on my FB site. Thanks for this info.

    Thanks again,

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