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Elizabeth Arden Prevage Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum Review #PrevageLashes

I may only be in my early thirties (ha, you thought I was going to tell you my exact age didn’t you?) but I still find my lashes aren’t what they used to be when I was in my early twenties. I love the look of long thick eye lashes and yet as I get older, they seem to be thinning out, or shorter and tend to shed more than they used to. So I was thrilled when the opportunity came to be part of a sneak preview of the new Elizabeth Arden Prevage Lash and brow enhancing serum that is due out in stores the beginning of October.

How to get longer and thicker eye lashes in 2-4 weeks! Elizabeth Arden Prevage Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum #prevagelashes #beauty #howto

What is Elizabeth Arden Prevage?

Prevage Lash and brow enhancing serum is the newest product from the Elizabeth Arden collection. It is a clinically tested serum that has been proven to improve the length, thickness and fullness of lashes in 100% of women in only two weeks! And it’s also been clinically proven to provide a 40% improvement in the appearance, length, thickness and density of lashes in four weeks!

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Clinical lash and Brow enhancing serum review

Prevage treats lash and brow breakage, brittleness and loss due to aging, lack of nutrients and vitamins, and environmental threats. It is very gentle on your skin and eyes, yet still quite effective.

Prevage is powered by an exclusive triple peptide complex and blend of provitamin B-5 and antioxidants.

How do you use Elizabeth Arden Prevage lash and brow enhancing serum?

Prevage Lash and brow enhancing serum comes in a tube that looks like mascara, but the brush is more like a very precise and petite paint brush. The serum is a very clear liquid. Application is done at night, after all your makeup has been washed away and you are ready for bed.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Clinical lash and Brow enhancing serum review

To apply you simply use the applicator and brush across your eyelid like you were putting on eye liner. You start from the inside and slide gently across the base of your eyelashes towards the outside of your eyes. Then repeat for the second eye.

If you are looking to improve your eyebrows as well, you simply apply it where your eyebrows need attention. Simple as that. Do this every night until you are satisfied with your lashes. Then once your desired results are achieved, simply continue using the serum 3 to 4 times a week to maintain the look and condition of your lashes and brows.

Does Prevage Lash and brow serum from Elizabeth Arden really work?

As the clinical tests said, that there was results in 100% of women who tried the serum. 100%? I had to experience this to see if it really could be possible. So of course you want to start with a before shot.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Clinical lash and Brow enhancing serum review

My lashes aren’t too bad, but they have definitely thinned from where they were just 10 years ago. They are more brittle and definitely not as luscious as I’d like them to be.

After using Prevage serum for 2 weeks I have seen a difference in my lashes. They seem to have filled out, lengthened slightly and aren’t as brittle. Wow, it really does work!

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Clinical lash and Brow enhancing serum review

The results aren’t as noticeable when I don’t have any make up on, but when I really see a difference is when I put on mascara. I noticed I have a few eyelashes that are growing where they didn’t used to be. They are lighter in color so I couldn’t see them very well without the mascara color.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Clinical lash and Brow enhancing serum review

The other feature I loved, is that I’m not constantly finding my eyelashes on my cheeks any longer. They just simply look and feel healthier now.

How about a side by side glance at before, after and with makeup?

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Clinical lash and Brow enhancing serum review

It’s always hard to see differences in things as small as eye lashes. But the biggest thing for me is how they feel and that’s not something you can show in a photo. The eye lashes are softer, lush, and I have noticed a decrease in how many eye lashes come away with my hand after rubbing my eyes.

How to get your own Elizabeth Arden Prevage lash and brown enhancing serum.

I’ve really enjoyed the Elizabeth Arden Prevage lash and brow enhancing serum. I’ve seen a difference in my lashes, and it’s been quite beneficial to my beauty regime.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Clinical lash and Brow enhancing serum review

Prevage lash and brown enhancing serum will be releasing into department stores nationwide and on the beginning of October.

It will come in a .12 fl oz container and retail for $98.00.

Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by SheSpeaks /Elizabeth Arden and received a promotional item to thank me for my participation. No other compensation was received. My opinions are 100% my own.

About Amber Edwards

Amber is the owner & editor of JadeLouise Designs located in Wasatch Front of Utah near SLC. She is a stay at home mom to Jonathan (11) Talmage (9) Jade (5) and little Rose Katharine (Due in September 2015), 1 dog and 1 cat. She loves to read, craft, bake, shop, travel, photography, and being a Mom and homemaker. She loves her family, and is passionate about sharing how to help families design a more family friendly lifestyle.


  1. I have used this and it works wonderfully! I love how your eyelashes look now! Mine are getting more fuller each day too!

  2. It is funny how we notice the little things. I think my lashes are starting to thin just a bit too (and we are similar in age) so thanks for sharing!

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    I would kill to try this product! Was kinda hoping there was a giveaway. 😉

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    I’m going to look into this stuff, I see the difference!

  6. As I get older, I’m in my 30’s as well, I notice that I don’t need any help in the brow department… think mad scientist (if I didn’t trim & sculpt!)… but where did my eyelashes go? I am going to have to try this out. I wouldn’t mind a little more va-va-voom in the eyelash department.

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