Duck Tape Crafts | Personalized Kids Duck Tape Notebook craft #DuckTapeAtWalmart

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Duck Tape Crafts | Personalized Kids Duck Tape Notebook craft #DuckTapeAtWalmart

With back to school, I’m sure you have done a lot of school supply shopping. Now let me tell you, I seriously can’t stand when my kids want the most expensive notebook on the shelf. I mean, it’s a notebook! But because it has a favorite character or design on the front it is priceless to them. But again…it’s a notebook!

We all know what happens to notebooks in the school year. They get ripped to shreds. Well, at least they do if you happen to have boys like mine. I’m not spending $4 on a notebook that will soon lose that priceless cover that he was begging me for! So I came up with an alternative. A simple personalized kids Duck Tape® notebook. Because, come on, who doesn’t love Duck Tape® crafts?

And best of all the kid gets a fun notebook, you get to save money, and the notebook is a lot less likely to rip to shreds within the first four months of school!

So first off, we had to go pick out some notebooks and Duck Tape®. I got the cheap notebooks that are only $0.17 right now. Man, you gotta love back to school sales right?  Then onto find the Duck Tape®.

Why Duck Tape®?

Because we love it. Seriously who doesn’t love Duck Tape®? It’s like the cure all of decor, home repairs and more! Didn’t you see the episode of Mythbusters where they escaped from a “deserted Island” and built a canoe type boat all from a flat of Duck Tape®? And the boat didn’t even leak! Seriously this is some cool materials here! If they can get all that done with Duck Tape®, surely the same Duck Tape® can hold my son’s notebook together for the school year.

Plus they have a lot of fun designs to make our Duck Tape® project even more fun! Walmart has a full assortment of Duck Tape® for back to school. And I’m talking a lot more prints than I’ve ever seen before. You can find them in both the Paint Department and the Craft Department.  You will definitely want to check out both sections as both sections have different patterns and selections.

Duck Tape® Crafts, Kids Duck Tape® Notebook

Now we are home and it’s time to get crafty! It’s really quite simple. All you need is a

  • notebook, 
  • Duck Tape® of your choice,
  • Glow in the Dark  Duck Tape®,
  • Permanent Marker and
  • scissors. 

Duck Tape Crafts | Personalized Kids Duck Tape Notebook craft #DuckTapeAtWalmart

Depending on the design you will either apply the Duck Tape® across or vertical. With two boys, I was lucky enough to do both vertical and horizontal. Start applying the Duck Tape® to the back of the notebook.

Duck Tape Crafts | Personalized Kids Duck Tape Notebook craft #DuckTapeAtWalmart

Make sure to take special attention near the spirals. You don’t want it to overlap the spirals as it would prevent the notebook from opening and closing appropriately.

Duck Tape Crafts | Personalized Kids Duck Tape Notebook craft #DuckTapeAtWalmart

Once you get the first strip of Duck Tape® onto the notebook, start another strip. But this time you will want to take note as to making sure the patterns line up. Even if that means you have to overlap the Duck Tape® a bit on the notebook.

Duck Tape Crafts | Personalized Kids Duck Tape Notebook craft #DuckTapeAtWalmart

Continue this process until the entire back is covered. Then turn the back of the notebook open. Place one strip of Duck Tape® across the top, one across the bottom and one across each side. You will end up with a square center with nothing in it. This will ensure that the Duck Tape® won’t come off the back. And also allows a fun square where the kids can doodle.

Duck Tape Crafts | Personalized Kids Duck Tape Notebook craft #DuckTapeAtWalmart

Now repeat the same steps for the front cover. Once you have both the front and back cover completed it is time for personalizing the notebooks! We originally were going to take the Glow in the Dark Duck Tape® and cut out each letter of the kids name. Well, we all got worn out and said, “forget that!” So we just added a strip onto the front cover. Then wrote the name with a Sharpie marker. It still pleased the kids immensely.

Duck Tape Crafts | Personalized Kids Duck Tape Notebook craft #DuckTapeAtWalmart

Now  you are done! I love this Duck Tape® craft because it is simple enough even the kids can get involved and do it themselves!

Duck Tape Crafts | Personalized Kids Duck Tape Notebook craft #DuckTapeAtWalmart

Now each kid has their own personalized kids Duck Tape® notebook. Just imagine how envious the other kids will be when they see your kid’s awesome notebook! And how envious the other moms will be when 4 months into the school year and your kid’s notebook is still in one piece!

Duck Tape Crafts | Personalized Kids Duck Tape Notebook craft #DuckTapeAtWalmart

What else can you do with Duck Tape®?  You can use Duck Tape® to create, embellish and decorate! You can make things for teachers as welcome gifts! You can make a custom name plate for your children’s desk or classroom cubby. Older students can cover their books in paper bags and embellish/decorate/customize with Duck Tape®! Or maybe a customized Duck Tape® mirror for the middle schoolers locker!

Duck Tape® is a creative and inexpensive tool for both teachers and students. They are only limited to their imagination! Be sure to follow @TheDuckBrand for tons of creative inspiration! And buy Duck Tape at Walmart!

Duck Tape Crafts | Personalized Kids Duck Tape Notebook craft #DuckTapeAtWalmart

What is your favorite Duck Tape® crafts?

Which Duck Tape® pattern would you use?

How can you incorporate Duck Tape® into your back to school shopping?

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  1. Motherhood on the Rocks

    It’s crazy all the designs they have now for duck tape! I never thought about covering notebooks with it. Great idea!

  2. Such a great way to make those cheap notebooks into some,thing super cool!

  3. We could do tons of fun stuff with duct tape. I love seeing your project. My son wants to make himself a duct tape wallet this weekend.

  4. love this cool idea! i will have to copy your idea :)

  5. That’s so cute! We’ve been doing that for years with our notebooks, folders, etc. It’s an inexpensive way to customize everything. Love it!

  6. My daughter always loves the duck tape at the craft store. This gives me a great idea on what to do with it.

  7. How fun!! We’re actually planning some duck tape crafts here soon too – I LOVE all of the different patterns, colors, and textures you can get anymore. So much fun :)

  8. What a cool idea! I really love how much you can do with duct tape. I have used it in crafts too. Love it. :)

  9. You make it look so easy! I think I would make a complete mess of it, but I am sure gonna try it! My daughter and son would love some notebooks like these, and I’m thinking of doing some ink pens too. Oh Lord, I see I am going to be crazy with the Duct tape. Again.

  10. What a great way to make their notebooks more fun and personal! I love using craft tape for all kinds of projects!

  11. So cute and easy for the kids to do themselves! I’m sure they love them.

  12. My eldest LOVES the mustache duct tape. She used it to cover a desk we had. Love the personalized notebooks. Perfect for back to school!

  13. Have never crafted with the Duck, but was just looking at these at Walmart

  14. Cute notebooks! I saw professional sports teams tape at Hobby Lobby! The ideas are limitless! :)

  15. How clever. And what a great way to make Back to School fun! Your boys are adorable.

  16. Those tapes are fantastic! What fun :) x

  17. Oh my goodness! What cute ideas!!! I never heard of that!!

  18. This is a really simple way to help spruce up cheap notebooks, and save a dime on the character school merchandise. I’ve never seen glow in the dark before, but we are partial to our penguin and mustache rolls!

  19. That’s such a great idea and so cute! I know my son would love it for back to school!

  20. I am starting to feel guilty that I was not such a crafty mother. I never even thought of doing things like this. These are such great creative ideas.

  21. Wow what a great idea, and looks like they had fun creating it!! Such cutie pies! I love how this craft can really bring personality to their school products :-)!

  22. We love Duck Tape! I’ve made a bunch of neat crafts with it.

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  24. Oh how cool! I have never seen a duct tape for kids! Oh well maybe I haven’t really looked since I don’t have school going kids yet :P

  25. How fun is that! I love the different patterns and this is such a fun and frugal project for kids. I need to get some of this for my son.

  26. Kendal LOVES to use cool DucK Tape on anything! What fun! I love your idea for back-to-school!

  27. My boys and I made camo wallets for them and I made a giant hot pink hair bow headband for my Daisy Duck costume last year. I adore the prints of the Duck Tape you used. I must find us some of those.

  28. What a unique way to make things your own! Love this! Thank you

  29. I adore new notebooks! Love when they are cheap at back to school time but they are so boring! This is such a fun way to personalize! Love it!

  30. Those are really cute and an awesome idea! I love the notebooks. I would have never thought to do that.

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