Duck Tape ® Craft for the Holidays with new Holiday Prints

This post brought to you by Duck Brand®. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love DIY projects and crafts. I've done a number of them; but one that I have not yet had a chance to try my hand at are Duck Tape ® crafts! I've seen them around and really they are quite brilliant! There are rolled roses, decorative pens, hair clips, ball caps, messenger bags, and lots more! And now Duck Tape ®  has new Holiday Prints to help make your Holiday crafts perfect!

DIY Crafts with Holiday Duck Tape ® !

Duck Tape ® Craft for the Holidays with new Holiday Prints

Duck® Brand has been delighting consumers with DIY products for over 20 years and continues to innovate and offer solutions for America’s households. They are the brand we always rely on when we have a need of a heavy duty repair solution. 

But with their new Holiday Duck Tape ®  it can bring a whole new level to Christmas Crafts! Just imagine making picture frame ornaments for the Christmas tree, or Holiday Duck Tape ®  roses for a Holiday Wreath! Or just create a festive cell phone cover for the season! Oh the options are unlimited! 

They have

  • Reindeer
  • Candy cane
  • Snowmen
  • Gingerbread
  • Festive dot prints
  • Plus a large array of non-seasonal prints. 

I have to say the snowmen are quite cute! It would be fun to use them when making our homemade Christmas ornaments this year. But making crafts aren't the only way you can use these festive new Duck Tape ®  prints! You can use it when wrapping presents! I remember one year, it was a joke to see who would wrap a present the best and make it harder to get into! My husband used regular Duck Tape ®; but it would be a lot more fun to use a holiday print! 

You can also use it as a stocking stuffer for those who are obsessed with Duck Tape ® ! They will love you forever! 

Connect with Duck Tape ®  and the new Holiday prints

To learn more about these amazing holiday Duck Tape ®  prints; be sure to become a fan of Duck Tape ® on Facebook!

What Holiday DIY project would you do with the new Holiday Prints from Duck Tape ®?

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  1. wow now they really mean duct tape is for everything

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  2. My grandaughter and I love doing duct tape projects together. I love the dots.

  3. Aww! I didn’t know that the holiday prints are available until I read your review :-) They are super cute! Love them all!
    Thank You

  4. michelle gilliland mcafee

    This stuff is awsome, you can make anything with it. Love it.

  5. I like the snowman.

  6. i love the reindeer and gingerbread! so adorable!

  7. how cute and festive for holidays or to brighten a package

  8. I’d like to use this holiday Duck tape to create a festive cell phone cover for the season!

  9. Love all the holiday prints available. :-)

  10. I think it’s neat how many patterns Duck Tape comes in! Lots of fun ways to use it. When you mentioned wrapping gifts with it, that reminds me of the Duct Tape Wallet my son made a few years ago. lol

  11. I love the gingerbread duck tape! These would make adorable hair bows or wallets for Christmas or winter!

  12. My daughter Loves Snowmen! I’m going to find this print next time I go to the store and make her some pretty Duck Tape Roses :)

  13. These are so cute! My first thought was to use them when wrapping presents.


    I love that they are coming out with so many new designs for duct tape!!!

  15. Wow, im so using some of these for wrapping gifts this year!

  16. I run programs in schools (87 in my jurisdiction!) doing fun projects like this. I would LOVE to use these print designs!! Awesome!

  17. I don’t celebrate Christmas and I find none of those patterns particularly attractive. Other patterns? Bring ‘em ON! In Canada we get innovations later than in the US. I have been happy with all the different colours and now patterns … hooo eeee!

  18. Just think of all the possibilities with this duct tape! Let your imagination go wild!

  19. My son made me a bouquet of sharpie markers for Christmas using the holiday duck tapes…they are adorable :) !

  20. I had no idea there was such a great selection of DucK Tape out there. I LOVE the Candy Cane Duck Tape!

  21. This is so cool! I’ve never seen Duck Tape like this before! It could have so many uses! I especially like the snowman print!

  22. I’ve never seen printed duct tape! I love it! I will have to get some and try it out.

  23. Looks like fun! I like the polka dots in seasonal colors.

  24. I’ve never seen Duct tape like this before! Soooo cute!

  25. Holiday Duck Tape looks very nice! I especially like the Reindeer print.

  26. Duck Tape is alot better looking than the old duct tape :)
    I like the snowman design but the other are nice, as well.
    The Holiday Duck Tape can basically be used for anything during the holidays. I love it!

  27. I love the holiday prints! My kids love to decorate with duck tape.

  28. love the gingerbread look!:)

  29. These patterns will be great for so many crafts!

  30. I would use the Holiday Print Duck Tape to decorate gift boxes.

  31. I love duck tape, it can and has fixed a lot for me! Now they have great designs too.

  32. xmas is over but i cant wait to see what design they come up with next!

  33. love this tape!:) they need to make it in bday too!

  34. i hope they come out with a valentines day line too

  35. I would use some as wrapping paper and table runner edges

  36. I love all 3 of these prints. Thanks for coming out with new product Duck Tape.

  37. May need to get me the ginger bread man one!

  38. Now that is creativity! I love the snowmen!


  40. I have seen so many bloggers put up great ideas for do it yourself projects with Duck Tape.. Some are so cute and look so professional!! Definitely has more uses than what simple “tape” can be.

  41. All the middle school girls seem to be making bracelets with the tapes, we’d love to add snowmen and gingerbread to the repertoire.

  42. Marilynn and Joseph

    My favorite duct tape is definitely the hello kitty! It’s so cute and girly. :D

  43. These are some cute patterns . I like the snowmen the best. This suit me perfect as everyone is always teasing me how I use duct tape for so many things. Hey I like it and it serves the purpose for me so I dont care what they say about me. This is so nice for packages sent for the Christmas holidays too. Thanks for the pictures and review.

  44. Marilynn and Joseph

    When my mom sends me care packages while I’m at college she always uses cute duct tape! I look forward to the cute packages every month! :D

  45. im sooo gonna purchase some reindeer tape for my xmas wrapping this weekend!

  46. These are so cute! I’ve only seen the Hello Kitty printed tape.

  47. LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! Its too bad they dont have a snowflake print. But I do really like the festive polka dots.

  48. Love all the cute designs!

  49. What a cool idea!!!!! I love it!

  50. Not that I needed another reason to love duct tape! This stuff is so fun; I use it everywhere!

  51. I absolutely love the gingerbread roll of tape. that is simply adorable. I hope I can find it in the stores to buy it!

  52. I am always looking for DIY ideas for cute things to decorate my home or for storage. Thanks!

  53. the snowman one is super cute.

  54. i love the polka dot duct tape! perfect for wrapping x mas gifts!

  55. Wow these are so cool!

  56. michelle gilliland mcafee

    I knew there was differnt designs but had no idea there were Christmas designs of duck tape, this is cool. I like seeing all the crafts people make with duct tape.

  57. I didnt even know Duck tape comes in so many cool prints lol i thought it was just grey I would so use these ..Thanks for the review

  58. I like this duct tape. I got some in the fall with different designs. The Christmas designs are very pretty. I’ll have to get me some for next Christmas. Thanks for reminding me.

  59. I like that it comes in non-Christmas prints, too.

  60. Wow, this tape is SO neat!!! It would be great for wrapping or even making some unique for someone! My kids would love it!!!

  61. Hmmm, I like the snowman best… Maybe the dots.

  62. My favorite print is the snowman print. What fun it would be to get a package with this tape on it.

  63. Oh my goodness! I had no idea whatsoever that duct tape came in cutesy prints like these!

  64. Oh my gosh, how cute are those! I’m loving all the different pattern choices….especially the snowman!

  65. I had to go look up the reindeer print to see…too cute. I want some. We always have duct tape on hand but usually just the original.

  66. Duct tape is the cure-all for everything!! Kind of like Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. =)

  67. Duck tape fixes everything, and now you can do it in style!

  68. The snowman one is ADORABLE!! I could even use that to scrapbook with or use as a border on pictures…..I just LOVE IT!

  69. My son made a wallet one time using duck tape and it turned out pretty good and was usuable..I love the Christmas patterns.

  70. I wonder if Boe would like these new prints. He is a Duck Tape junkie! I like them!

  71. OMG I love the snowman one!!! Who knew duct tape could be so fun!!!

  72. These are so fun! I love the Gingerbread man one the most. I would probably just use these to wrap gifts!!

  73. These prints are all really cute. I love the snowmen!

  74. Holy cow I didn’t know duct tape came in these types of styles lol!! Love it!

  75. This summer we used the one of the new Print Duck Tapes to decorate homemade drums. The kids loved it, especially since they could express their creativity without the hassle and mess of painting and drying time. Just cut, stick, and they were ready to go. With the new holiday prints, I guess it’s time to make some again for the holidays.

  76. I have seen colored duck tape, but not the prints. These are so fun. Thanks for sharing.

  77. Oh wow My kid’s love these and have been decorating their rooms and doors.. smh.. but I love the idea !

  78. This is the new fad and for some reason I havent gotten into it! Such cute designs, I was thinking you could cover boxes for homemade cookie boxes? May look bad but have to try!

  79. vickie marks allbright

    love the snowman duct tape what a ingeious idea wish i had thought of it lol

  80. My kids would really like the gingerbread print, though I’d probably prefer the dots. Seems they’d be more versatile year round!

  81. there are so many neat things you can do with duct tape.I love duct tape

  82. I really like the new Holiday Designs of Duck Tape…very festive! And the polka dot ones are so cute. Great new marketing tool to sell more Duck Tape. And I’ve also seen coupons for their tape recently. WIN WIN.

  83. cathy zera-stesney

    Who knew duct tape could be so much fun? :) Loving the designs!!

  84. Loving the new designs of duct tape. Took them long enough to realize that plain duct tape is nice, but its even more fun when you can use it for more with more designs.

  85. Duct tape is amazing and just today I read where another blogger used it to remove a mirror that was attached to her bathroom wall. She put it all over it and it worked, the mirror didn’t break. Love that they have prints now

  86. I really think this tape is great. The new designs are awesome and its not a bad value.

  87. They have some of the cutest designs now. I could make some cool things with their lovely designs.

  88. I love the snowmen. For the Holidays, I decorate in nothing but Snowmen, This is great Thank you for this giveaway!

  89. I love the Snowman one, the designs are so cute and festive!

  90. I made duct tape wallets and a purse. I love the ability to show your style

  91. I love these fashionable duct tapes! Makes shipping packages alot prettier also. I use these for alot of things just to add a little more fun

  92. OMG! This brings duct tape to a whole new level. I was trying to think of things besides socks, lottery and chocolate for my hubby’s stocking and this is perfect.

  93. Haha! My son’s father has also used duct tape and black tape to wrap presents before!!!!! I’m glad to know there are others that have done this! :)

  94. How cool. I love the patterns. I think the snowmen are so cute. Who would have thought…

  95. My daughter is ALWAYS asking me to buy her cool designed Duck Tape because she loves crafting with it! She makes purses!

  96. Had no idea they had that type of tape… knew they had the coloured one but with col designs like this wow!

  97. Fun!! I love the snowman tape.

  98. I love this stuff, but other than the kids using it on all their school stuff, I have no idea what to do with it :D

  99. I think I saw these at Walgreens! They are such cute designs. So many things to make!

  100. You really can do everything with Duck Tape. My husband loves the stuff!

  101. Duck Tape is a staple in our house. I haven’t tried the fancy colors and designs yet (other than green), but I will….I think they are so COOL.

  102. So many different ideas for Duct Tape!! Im going to have to go get some now and try them!! Maybe some ornaments for the tree, or a small childs purse made out of it!! This could be fun, it would be a cool project to do with the grandkids!!

  103. Awesome ideas….my daughter loves to decorate with Duck Tape.

  104. LOVE duct Tape! We use it all the time to make crafts in our home!

  105. Oh my gosh – how funny would it be to wrap someone’s gift all in holiday themed duct tape and watch them try to open it! This could be a fun Christmas game! :)

  106. My daughter is OBSESSED with Duck Tape. She puts it everywhere and makes all kinds of fun things with it! I will have to get her the new prints!

  107. I love all the things you can do with Duck Tape. Way back when I was in high school there was a kid who made a Jacket out of nothing but duct tape! It was odd yet cool looking at the same time!

  108. What cute ideas. I would have never thought to use duck tape like that! So cool!

  109. What cool patterns! These would be great for making ornaments!

  110. Those are some cute prints! I like the gingerbread men.

  111. I love this! The husband and I give each other Duct Tape as a “gag gift” in our stockings each year. I could totally surprise him with holiday themed duct tape this year!

  112. I’m going to have some of these, Thanks for sharing:)

  113. That is awesome. Love the designs!

  114. Isn’t it amazing that they finally put print on Duct Tape? I love the stuff and now even more! Quick, what can I tape?!? ;)

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