Duck Tape Crafts: How to make Duck Tape Roses for Valentine’s Day #DuckValentine

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Duck Tape Crafts: How to make Duck Tape Roses for Valentine's Day #DuckValentine Duck Tape Crafts: How to make Duck Tape Roses for Valentine's Day #DuckValentine

One of the best gifts are the ones that stick around for a long time. Duck Brand® Duck Tape crafts are quite popular, especially for Valentine’s Day gifts. If you are looking for something that is easy, fun to make and makes a great Valentine’s gift; then try these awesome Duck Tape roses. They are the perfect Valentine’s Day craft.

Duck Tape crafts to make lasting roses

The supplies you will need include

  • Duck Brand® Duck Tape in various colors of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Straw, pencils, pens, skewers, or any other straight stick type item you want to use to create the stem.

Duck Tape Crafts: How to make Duck Tape Roses for Valentine's Day #DuckValentine

To being with you start with a strip of Duck Tape approximately 3 inches long. You can measure this or just eye ball it. I eye ball it. It’s OK if it is not exact.

Duck Tape Crafts: How to make Duck Tape Roses for Valentine's Day #DuckValentine

Fold down the one corner, leaving some of the sticky side on the side and bottom showing. Then fold the other corner down flush with the other corner.

Duck Tape Crafts: How to make Duck Tape Roses for Valentine's Day #DuckValentine

Duck Tape Crafts: How to make Duck Tape Roses for Valentine's Day #DuckValentine

Next roll the petal around the straw or other straight object.

Duck Tape Crafts: How to make Duck Tape Roses for Valentine's Day #DuckValentine

Fold another petal and then line up the tips of the petals opposite each other. Then roll the next petal around the stem.

Duck Tape Crafts: How to make Duck Tape Roses for Valentine's Day #DuckValentine

Duck Tape Crafts: How to make Duck Tape Roses for Valentine's Day #DuckValentine

Repeat this process of folding petals out of Duck Tape, and rolling them around the stem. Just making sure to alternate where the tip of the petal lands to give a variation to the rose bud shape. Continue until the rose is as big as you would like.

Duck Tape Crafts: How to make Duck Tape Roses for Valentine's Day #DuckValentine

Depending on how tight you role each petal and how high up will change the shape of the rose bud. Very tight rolling and placing the tip of the petal up higher causes the rose petal to concave on itself.

Duck Tape Crafts: How to make Duck Tape Roses for Valentine's Day #DuckValentine

Rolling more loosely and having the tip lower opens the petal up and makes it wider.

Duck Tape Crafts: How to make Duck Tape Roses for Valentine's Day #DuckValentine

For fun variation; try alternating the petals with other colors. Use one color, then the next petal be the next color. Or try changing the color every three petals. It will create fun patterns and designs.

Duck Tape Crafts: How to make Duck Tape Roses for Valentine's Day #DuckValentine

Speaking of patterns, for even more fun try out making the rose with the new fun Duck Tape patterns! Duck tape has super fun Duck Brand® Valentine’s Day designs! Grab a few of those and make up the Duck Tape crafts. The husband personally really loves the pattern roses.

Duck Tape Crafts: How to make Duck Tape Roses for Valentine's Day #DuckValentine

At the very end, you can then line the stem with more Duck tape or leave it as it is. To turn the Duck Tape roses into the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, you can arrange them in a vase or make a bow and attach the Duck Tape rose to a box of chocolates. Or even onto a Homemade Valentine’s Day card.

For more amazing Duck Brand fun, you can find Duck Brand® is on Twitter.

Duck Tape Crafts: How to make Duck Tape Roses for Valentine's Day #DuckValentine

How would you use the Duck Tape Roses for Valentine’s Day?

What are your favorite Duck Brand® Duck Tape crafts?

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  1. I have been wanting to try this with my girl scout troop. Great explanation and pics!

  2. These are very clever. It is neat what they do with the colors of the duck tape that is for sure. Thanks for the great idea which would be good for anytime of the year. Pretty paper would work too but may not be as sturdy.

  3. Hey great piece of work. Thank you for this simple and easy demonstration. This is something which should be tried atleast once. I am surely going to try this. But not sure whether I will get such great perfection like you.

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  6. Those turned out so incredibly fun!! This is something my hubby and boys could actually do together as a gift.

  7. You are so unbelievably creative!! These are absolutely gorgeous!!! Can you give me some of your crafting talents?

  8. we have 12-16 inches of snow coming tomorrow and about 25 rolls of fun duck tape in the basement. i know what we’ll be doing!!

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  11. These are totally lovely! <3 I love how you made them through a duck tape, haha! Too bad out duck tape here is always a black one though, hopefully, there be colorful ones too

  12. These are so cool!!! My daughter loves duct tape… I have to show here these!

  13. I love this idea. These roses are so pretty!!

  14. I have never heard of duct tape flowers. How original and how simply beautiful. I am going to make some of these for myself.

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  18. I’ve never crafted with Duck Tape before, but those are so great! I need to find some tape that matches my daughter’s bedroom decor and make her some!

  19. These are beautiful! Definitely pinned.

  20. Beautiful pictures! Such cool deal for Valentines Day!

  21. Those are awesome. My 9 year old likes to make Duct Tape crafts but asks for my help and I’m all thumbs. Whenever I “help” her it ends up looking worse than if she did it herself!

  22. These are so very cool looking. My niece loves Duck Tape crafts, I’m going to have to show her your tutorial and see if she can give it a go.

  23. wow.. they are so pretty! Cannot even tell that the flowers are made from duck tape :) Great DIY! Thanks for the tutorial :)

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  30. They are amazing! So effective, yet simple – I need to try and find myself some cool duck tape so I can get creating these sort of things. x

  31. I love working with duct tape for different crafts, those turned out so great I love how simple you make it look. I started using duct tape for crafting a couple years ago when the cute prints came out – there are so many great creations and it is so inexpensive.

  32. I have a neighbor who has a teenager who makes and sells things with duck-tape. The teen I know goes though duck tape like water.
    I’m always stalking up on duck-tape for her and my step daughter to make things out of duck tape. i never thought of roses. How cute and cleaver. If you have any left over you want to send my way let me know lol

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  37. I love the Duct Tape trend for crafts. These roses look gorgeous and you make it so easy to follow with the step-by-step instructions. I’m going to try this with my preschooler. I think that we will have fun!

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  42. I’m actually going to pin this and pass this along to my friend who is an awesome crafter. I’m not much of a crafter myself (because I have like zero patience) but I do love how these came out!

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  44. Those look so cool!! I definitely want to try to make some!

  45. These duct tape roses are so pretty! I love having flowers in my home but hate that they only last a week. These would make the best decor since they will last forever!

  46. Those came out amazing! I love your tutorial, although I’m sure I’d still come out with weird blobs. I’ll just say they’re a new type of rose. A hybrid! LOL. Seriously, those are gorgeous!

  47. LOVE Duct Tape, the possibilities are endless!

  48. What a fun idea! I always wonder what to do with all of the printed duck tape. They’re beautiful!

  49. SOOOOO COOOOOOL!!!!! thanks for a great Girl Scout project–they will love this one for sure and just in time for Valentine’s Day- great post :)

  50. NO WAY! Those are so cool and I totally want to go make a bouquet today! I love them.

  51. Those are so pretty! And I love that they don’t die after a few days lol! I bet my girls would love to make some of their own. I have to show them this!

  52. When did Duct tape suddenly become pretty? We always had some in our apartment when I was growing up and it was used to hold things together (did a darn good job too!!)–I saw some of the designer rolls in the store the other day and took a double take—-These roses would be great to tape to a box of candy or put in a vase–of course I won’t be attempting this since I would probably stick my hands together somehow!

  53. These are so cute. My next door neighbor actually made me one of these recently and it was beautiful.

  54. I would use these as a pretty centerpiece for Valentine’s Day!

  55. My daughter makes all of those things too. I dont know what it is with duct tape, but it is a new craze!

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  58. I’ve never made anything with duck tape. That is a brilliant craft, easy to do and so colorful!

  59. I haave used Duck Tape… why did I think it was duct tape? Anyway, I have used it for a lot of things, but never made roses with it. Those turned out great and I bet they will last forever.

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