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Common Cold Remedies, Five Tips for fighting Common Colds Quickly.

It’s that time of year again! The time of sniffles, coughs, fevers, and overall misery. That’s right. It’s the time when the kids bring home the germs and pass around the common cold. It’s inevitable that we will always get the common cold each year. Especially in the winter months. There are tips to help cut down on the likely hood of getting the common cold, but for us it’s only a matter of time. We will catch it. But we have a few tips that can help you combat the common cold and get back to life faster than letting it run its course! These have been tested and tried tips. Meaning, ever since I was a teenager eons ago; when I used these tips my colds would be less severe and go away faster than when I just took common cold medicine and let it run its course. I hope you will find these tips for fighting colds beneficial.

Common Cold Remedies, Five Tips for fighting Common Colds Quickly

5 Tips for fighting the common cold

1. Increase Fluids. This is common knowledge. When you increase your fluids it helps your body function better and combat and flush out the germs making you sick. Water is the most crucial. But fresh juices are also very beneficial.

2. Herbal immune booster. There are a handful of herbal supplements I take religiously when I get sick. The #1 item I take is Zicam- or the generic brand works just as well! Not even kidding. When I start taking the zinc supplements right at the signs of the cold and follow the directions, my colds tend to only last a few days. When I don’t use the zinc supplements my colds last a good 2+ week. Big difference. And not just the length, but also the severity is affected. With zinc I’m not as sick as when I skip the Zicam.

Echinacea- another amazing immune boosting herb. It helps to boost your immune system and reduces the severity and duration of the cold.

Other beneficial herbs and spices are Slipper Elm, Mobilia, Garlic, Ginger, Thyme, Tumeric,  Cinnamon, and Spicy spices such as black pepper, red pepper.

3. Rest. Really do I need to explain this one? Our bodies are working in overdrive to fight the virus. It needs all the rest it can get to have the energy it needs to win the battle. Take some down time. I know it’s hard, especially being a mom. Even harder when your kids are always on the go. But make it a priority to get to bed at an early hour. Take 5-10 minutes randomly throughout the day to just relax and rest.

4. Herbal Tea- Another secret way to get in both the fluids and the herbs to boost your body’s immune system. I should tell you now, I absolutely hate tea. All kinds. Unless it is steeped in Apple juice. When you have the right blend of organic herbal tea steeped in hot apple juice it tastes just like hot cider! It is quite delicious! And it is very relaxing.

Common Cold Remedies, Five Tips for fighting Common Colds Quickly


It is also a great way to help your kids when they are sick. I remember my mom making me herbal tea in the hot apple juice. I actually drank it and liked it! My own kids even will drink it. Actually they sometimes ask for it without being sick. Plus it gives extra vitamins.

The best herbal blends for combatting colds will contain ginger root, eucalyptus or peppermint, clove and Cinnamon of some kind. Chamomile is also amazing for relaxing and just feeling better.  If you are extra lucky, you can even find some with Melaleuca Leaf. It is known for many health benefits. For even more immune fighting kick, add in a little lemon and honey. This helps with sore throats and any voice problems.

5. Over the Counter Cold medicines. These won’t solve the root of the problem of the common cold. The herbs will help you boost your immune system; but they take time. You still need something to help you feel better right now! That is where over the counter medicines come in. These are temporary solutions to help you feel better and get back on your feet.

Recently I just tried out the new Advil Congestion relief. I was quite impressed with it. Many times the cold medications are aimed at treating more symptoms than I have and I end up feeling drugged. I hate that feeling. I wanted something that would treat exactly what I was suffering and not leave me feeling groggy.

The Advil congestion relief did just that. It has Phenylephine for an antihistamine and Ibuprophen for a pain reliever. Both were well dosed and worked quickly. Soon I was back on my feet. Was I cured? No. But I definitely felt a lot better. I could breathe again, and the pain wasn’t so severe. I could fulfil the responsibilities that couldn’t be put on hold. And it was very beneficial!

Common Cold Remedies, 5 Tips for fighting Common Colds Quickly.

I would definitely recommend the Advil congestion relief next time you have a cold. You can learn more about Advil Congestion relief from their website. Also you can like their Facebok page for more detailed information.

And even better, you can get a $2 off Digital Coupon to give it a try! In my geographical area, that makes it cost less than the generic brand cold medicines!

I hope you are free of the common cold virus, but if you are battling, I hope our tips help you recover quickly! No one likes being sick.

What are your successful common cold remedies?


I received a  free sample of Advil Congestion relief  from Smiley360 in order to facilitate this review. Opinions expressed are 100%my own and were not influenced. To learn more about Smiley360 visit Join Smiley360.



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  1. I take lots of Vitamin C but am still always congested. I’m going to look for this Advil Congestion Relief the next time I’m at Walgreens to see if it can make a difference for me.

  2. Is it crazy to admit that I almost enjoy being sick so I can be really lazy in bed and rest and relax? Of course, I don’t get to take advantage of that lazy time because I really just need it, but still it’s nice to just slow down for a few days.

  3. Great tips. I try to stay away from cold medicine as much as possible, but when I get to that point, I want something that is going to work.

  4. hmmm. never thought about doing apple juice to make it like cider. although i LOVE tea

  5. You hate hot tea? No!! They are so good! We always keep tons of flavors on hand and they are my go-to when I have anything wrong. :) I like apple cider, too, so I might try your way next. :)

  6. Advil saved the day for me this week when congestion hit. I am such a big fan

  7. I havent had too many colds this year. Maybe it’s because I’ve been uping the Vitamin C!

  8. I have been lucky this winter and haven’t gotten sick one time yet. I drink a lot of herbal tea and wash my hands constantly.

  9. Zicam is the bomb!! I haven’t seen this Advil product. Hopefully we won’t need it, but great tips in case we do!!!

  10. I love herbal tea when I’m sick but, when I need it… I’d definitely take Advil.

  11. These are great tips. I esp love the herbal tea in hot cider. I’ll definitely try that.

  12. great tips, definitely drink lots of fluids to get the mucus out!

  13. My family is big on Advil. We drink hot water with lemon and honey and eat wonton soup when we are sick.

  14. Great tips! I am always up for finding ways to feel better when I am feeling sick!! Thanks!

  15. Great tips.. I love to use herbal tea and lots of rest, too and Advil does work, I use it at work all the time when I feel like coming down with something….thanks for sharing

  16. I am going to get some Advil Congestion to put in our medicine cabinet because so many people have colds right now and I dont want to get caught with one and have no relief at home! Thanks for the good advice.

  17. I can’t use Advil now because I am pregnant but Advil is one of my favorite medicines! Great tips for cold season!

  18. Being sick is no fun at all. I make an herbal tea blend and take extra Vitamin C.

  19. I love taking zinc, too. It really does help shorten the duration of the cold and if I catch it early enough can even stave it off. Everything on your list is a great idea, I can’t think of anything to add. :)

  20. Thank you for sharing your cold fighting remedies! I hate getting sick and try to kick a cold as soon as I get one!

  21. What I like about Advil is that it works! Plus it stays working!

  22. Getting rest and drinking enough are so important to help you body heal itself. Honey in your tea also helps on so many levels even more so if it is locally sourced honey.

  23. I never use OTC meds of any sort, I feel they weaken the immune system. Otherwise, I do everything else you mentioned. Something else I do that you didn’t mention is the Neti Pot. At the first sign of a cold coming on I start using it. I use it about 3 times a day for about 2 days and a cold never actually forms. I have fought off my last 4 colds using a Neti Pot. I even use it on my kids so they don’t get sick.

  24. I’ve always been an Advil go to person but I have not tried their Advil congestion relief. I’ve got to give this a try the next time I feel all congested. I already sip tea and take the immune booster Echinacea which both helps but the Advil Congestion relief might get me back to normal a bit quicker :)

  25. Great tips!! This is definitely cold and flu season. Stinks! I really believe in the power of tea though!

  26. We make sure to get a lot more Vitamin C, usually through eating more oranges. And we make sure to wash our hands a ton.

  27. I love tea, its a great cold fighter!!!

  28. These are great tips. I also love Zicam and take it at the first sign of a cold. My husband has great results with zinc as well. I also love Advil Cold & Sinus, when my sinuses are bad, it’s the only thing I’ve found that works.

  29. I need to remember these the next time one of us gets sick.

  30. It’s so important to have pain relief tools like Advil when you’re sick! Nothing is worse than not feeling well and not being able to get any relief.

  31. I have a terrible cold now so this is great to know. Thanks so much! Off to use your tips!

  32. I love this! I wish the rest part was easier to obtain!

  33. Thanks for sharing these great tips. I had a cold about 2 weeks ago and had to go into labor with the cold! It was awful!

  34. Since there is no cure for the common cold it’s nice to know there are natural ways to get rid of the symptoms and side effects to feel better. Thanks for sharing.

  35. This is a great topic for this time of year. My fav remedy is Lemon, hot water and honey. Its very soothing and helps with decongestions.

  36. Thanks for reminding me that I need to pick up an herbal immune booster. I have been so terrified of getting sick lately, since so many people I know have awful colds or the flu.

  37. Awesome tips, thanks for sharing! Everyone was sick here (luckily except me) over the last few weeks. It was awful!

  38. I haven’t been sick this year yet -knocks on wood-, but will remember these if i do. I think rest is the most important!

  39. I am just getting over a really bad head cold and I LIVED off of Emergen-C packets! That and OTC sinus meds got me through it!

  40. Great time of year for this post! Our little guy just woke up this morning with a runny nose and I know what’s to come. Ack! Thanks for sharing :)

  41. I haven’t had a cold yet this year, knock wood. If I feel one coming on, I’ll have to remember this

  42. Jennifer Comet Wagner

    I pretty much do all of the above, except for drinking tea. I know I should but I am really not a tea lover.

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