Augmented Reality with Cypher Kids Club Reality Cards for Kids #CypherKidsClub #cbias

Oh the weather outside is frightful…actually it really is! With the colder temperatures, it has driven us all inside. Now we face the dreaded question, “now what”? I don’t like the idea of my kids spending hours in front of the TV; but they love interacting with electronics. And now I have a solution to make us all happy; Cypher Kids Club Augmented reality cards! The fun i3D interactive cards allow kids to utilize the iPad or iPhone devices for “play” while at the same time they are learning in the comfort of our home. It gives my kids entertainment and sets my mind at ease that it is educational and that their brains aren’t turning to mush sitting in front of the TV all day.

Augmented Reality with Cypher Kids Club Reality Cards for Kids #CypherKidsClub #cbias

Cypher Kids Club Augmented Reality Cards

Cypher Kids Club  augmented reality cards are a great way to offer your kids an entertaining way to learn. It would be the perfect accompaniment for any learning or preschool program; or just as a form of entertainment on a cold day when the kids are stuck inside. They can explore, be silly, and use the much coveted iPad.

Augmented reality 3D interactive cards for kids #CypherKidsClub #cbias

Here is how the Cypher Kids club augmented reality cards work.

The first thing you need to do is get the Cypher Kids Club i3D interactive cards. These can be found at Target and Best Buy. There are three different sets you can choose from; Letters, Numbers and Animals. Each set comes with large  cards that then work along with the app.

Augmented reality 3D interactive cards for kids #CypherKidsClub #cbias

Once you know which cards you will be using, you simply download the free app from the Apple store. The Augmented reality cards work with any Apple device that uses the new iOS 5.0 or later operating system. So that includes the iPod touch 4th generation or newer, iPad, iPhone 4, 4S, and 5!

With the app installed, you simply start up the game and choose the animal, letter, or number card that corresponds with the same one you choose from the app. You flip the card over and place it in front of the camera and watch it transform from a flat boring card into a 3D, moving, interactive character on your screen!

Augmented reality 3D interactive cards for kids #CypherKidsClub #cbias

Augmented reality 3D interactive cards for kids #CypherKidsClub #cbias

The animals come to life. They move around the screen and act and sound just like a normal animal would act. At the same time a narrator tells you about the animal, their habitats and characteristics. Then they tell you how you can interact with the animal on the screen. By touching the animal you can make it do fun actions that are in accordance with real life actions the animal would do.

And finally you can use the same image of the animal and when you move your screen away from the card, the animal image stays in the same spot on the screen. The animal continues to move; but you can also move the screen to get some great interaction photos of the animal inside your own living room! Like a parrot chilling out on your ceiling or an elephant hanging out in your rocking chair. Kids tend to get a great laugh out of silly things like this. And best of all; you can have your kids get their own pictures taken with the animals!

Augmented reality 3D interactive cards for kids #CypherKidsClub #cbias

Augmented reality 3D interactive cards for kids #CypherKidsClub #cbias


Hours of entertaining learning with Augmented reality cards

What I love about the Cypher Kids Club augmented reality cards is that they are educational yet still manage to keep my kids entertained. The letters and numbers are fantastic for helping my preschooler learn her alphabet and numbers. It gives her an interactive method bringing it to an entirely new level that she finds enjoyable.

The wild animal adventures set is what really hit home with my boys. They loved a lot of different things with this set like how

  • You can move the card around in front of the camera to get a different angle shot of the animal.
  • The animals move around the screen and act just as the real animal in a zoo would act
  • The narrator tells interesting facts about the animal on the screen.
  • The interaction of being able to tap the animal and see it perform a task.
  • The silly photos you can take with the animal

I think that last one has to be one of their favorites, and I have to say it is pretty cool how it works. Even I got into the spirit and got my silly on, putting the animals in silly locations around the house and letting the kids make wise cracks.

Augmented reality 3D interactive cards for kids #CypherKidsClub #cbias

No More Monkeys Jumping on the….couch?

Both boys agreed that the animal card set was their favorite. They both also said that kids their age would probably really enjoy the the interactive cards as Christmas presents.

Cypher Kids Club augmented reality cards are great for kids ages 3 and up; as it offers basic knowledge behind numbers, letters, and animals for younger children; and then brings a little more exploration and interaction for older kids. And it keeps parents happy with being educational!

Augmented reality 3D interactive cards for kids #CypherKidsClub #cbias


To learn more about  these cards visit Cypher Kids Club online. Also check them out on Facebook and Twitter! To see how others are using the learning cards to entertain their kids just search #CypherKidsClub on twitter and you’ll find lots of great ideas and tips! Also check out this fun Pinterest Board full of kids loving the Cypher Kids cards.

 Which Augmented reality card set would your kids love most? 


I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and  Cypher Kids Club #CBias #SocialFabric. However, all opinions are 100%  my own.




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  4. Krystle(Baking Beauty)

    I’ve never seen anything like these. It looks really fun! I hope more companies utilize this! Kids love using their parents electronics devices anyways so why not make it something they’ll learn from?

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  10. Hayley has these cypher cards and LOVE them! They are wicked cute and educational at the same time!

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